Angela  Roothaan Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Angela Roothaan

Assistant Professor
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / Faculty of Humanities

My research focuses on Intercultural and African Philosophy, with a special interest in environmental thinking in an African context, and (the epistemology) of Indigenous knowledge. My interest in promoting a global dialogue on our (human) relations to nature have brought me to investigate how spirit ontologies can be negotiated with modern ideas on the nature of reality.


After two years of studying Sociology I changed to Philosophy and completed my Masters (at Leiden University) in 1987. I continued to do my PhD on Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise at the University of Amsterdam, which was completed by the book publication of my Thesis in 1996.

After several temporary research and teaching positions I gained tenure at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I currently work as Assistant Professor. My teaching includes courses on Intercultural Philosophy, Diversifying Philosophy, and Academic Writing.

My research has comprised Modern Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Nature, Value Ethics and Spirituality. Building on my earlier work I currently focus on Intercultural and African Philosophy, and Shamanistic Philosophy / Spirit Ontologies.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    African Intercultural Philosophy, Shamanistic Philosophy, Spirit Ontologies, Value Theory, Politics of Epistemology.

    Approaches I combine: Critical and Postcolonial Theory, Dialogical Hermeneutics, Deconstruction and Pragmatism.



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