Nicholas James Beutell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Nicholas James Beutell

Professor of Management
LaPenta School of Business, Iona College

Nicholas J. Beutell is professor of management and former dean of the Hagan (now LaPenta) School of Business, Iona College. He is Editor of Routledge’s Human Centered Management Book Series with Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Roland Bardy, and Peter Essens and co-editor of the book The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective (Routledge, 2020). He has published extensively in management, work-family, and entrepreneurship and has authored and contributed to many scholarly books.


Professor Nick Beutell has extensive experience in academic administration, teaching, research, and consulting.  He has served as dean, associate dean, director of research, department chair, and IRB chair.  He has lead major accreditation processes for business (AACSB) and athletics (NCAA).  He has served as a human resources consultant to major companies.  His recent work has focused on wellbeing in relation to occupations, generations, and individuals.  Nick is also interested in research impact and quality indicators in business education.  He is editing a special issue of the South Asian Journal of Business Studies (Emerald) on the “Work and Family Interface in South Asia”, a special issue of Community, Work and Family (Taylor & Francis) on the work-life interface of independent workers, and a special issue for the International Journal of Environment Studies and Public Health entitled “Occupational Health Psychology”.   He is a member of the editorial review board of the Journal of Managerial Psychology.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Work-family interaction
       Work-family conflict and synergy
       Family in relation to small business and entrepreneurship
       Work-family issues among immigrants
       New forms of work and the gig economy
       Absolute and relative commuting time
       Work-family perceptions of emerging adults
    Small business/entrepreneurship
       Women in entrepreneurship
       Family as the fire that fuels entrepreneurship
       Engagement, growth, and exit intentions
       Independently self-employed vs. owners
    Quality and assurance of learning in education
       Determinants of successful simulation performance
       Team performance factors
       Quality processes
    Occupational health psychology
       Mental and self-rated health
       Job demands and resources
       Wellbeing and thriving

Personal Interests

    Nick is an avid runner and inveterate gym rat.  He holds degrees in Soo Bahk Do, a traditional Korean martial art.  He has been a life-long fisherman (and clammer) and he is passionate about preserving the coastal ecosystem for the enjoyment of future generations.  He plays guitar and strongly prefers Renaissance and Baroque periods.  He listens to Blinks (key insights from the world's best non-fiction books in 15 minutes or less) every day (  He is a husband and father with family being the bedrock of his life.  His forbears can be traced back to the Mayflower.



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Journal of Family Studies

Pathways to work-family synergy: Resources, affect and wellbeing

Published: Aug 22, 2019 by Journal of Family Studies
Authors: Beutell, N. J., & Gopalan, N.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Family Studies

We examine pathways that enhance work-family synergy (positive energy and mood states) and overall wellbeing for employees who report to a supervisor. Overall support for the proposed work-family synergy model was found. Supervisor and coworker support mediated relationships between work-resources and work-family synergy which, in turn, was related to wellbeing. Depression mediated the work-family synergy with job satisfaction relationship.

Journal of Education for Business

Commitment to career and family roles among American and Chinese business students.

Published: Aug 17, 2019 by Journal of Education for Business
Authors: Schneer, J. A., & Beutell, N. J.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Family Studies, Health Psychology, Work & Organizational Psychology

Career and family participation among American and Chinese business. Differences between Chinese and U.S. respondents on expectations regarding career and family as well as an interaction between gender, country (China vs. United States), and maternal employment in relation to career-family commitment. This study contributes to the understanding of work-family issues of emerging adulthood cross-culturally.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Work-family issues among self-employed married women

Published: Jan 31, 2019 by Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
Authors: Beutell, N. J., O'Hare, M. M., Schneer, J. A., & Alstete, J. W.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting

This study examined work-family, work domain, and satisfaction differences between self-employed married women (N=206) who were independently self-employed (ISE) and those who owned a business with employees (Owners). The findings indicate that work-family issues and other variables are related to the type of small business for married women. There are similarities and differences between these two groups of married women.

Journal of Organizational Psychology

Working fathers and work-family relationships: A comparison of Generation X and Millennial dads

Published: Aug 18, 2018 by Journal of Organizational Psychology
Authors: Beutell, N. J., & Behson, S.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Work & Organizational Psychology

Using the theory of generations, we examined levels of work-family conflict, work-family synergy, job pressure, time spent on self, stress, depression, health, and satisfaction. We found generational similarities and differences in the variables under investigation. Implications and directions for future research on working fathers were discussed.

Great Debates in Higher Education

Evaluating Scholarship and Research Impact: History, Practices, and Policy Development

Published: Aug 18, 2018 by Great Debates in Higher Education
Authors: Alstete, J. W., Beutell, N. J., & Meyer, J. P.
Subjects: Education, Business, Management and Accounting, Research Methods

This book provides guidance to individual researchers, research organizations, and academic institutions as they grapple with rapidly developing issues surrounding scholarly metrics and their potential value to both policy-makers, as evaluation and measurement tools, and individual scholars, as a way to identify colleagues for potential collaboration, promote their position as public intellectuals, and support intellectual community engagement.

Journal of Management Development

Designing learning spaces for management education: A mixed methods research approach

Published: Aug 17, 2018 by Journal of Management Development
Authors: Alstete, J. W., & Beutell, N. J.
Subjects: Built Environment, Business, Management and Accounting, Work & Organizational Psychology

The purpose of this paper is to focus on connecting recent conceptualizations of learning space design in management education by examining interior building and classroom design.

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Comparing self-employment aspirants with the presently self-employed

Published: Aug 18, 2015 by Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Authors: Beutell, N. J., Schneer, J. A., & Alstete, J. W.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting

This paper examines differences between the presently self-employed (SE Present; n = 727: Business Owners = 249; independents = 478) with organizationally employed individuals who intend to become self-employed (SE Aspirants; n = 538). We tested 11 hypotheses derived from the job demands-resources and conservation of resources theories. The strongest differences between SE Present and SE Aspirants were autonomy, hours worked, turnover intentions, and work interfering with family.

Journal of Managerial Psychology

Work-family conflict and synergy among Hispanics

Published: Aug 17, 2014 by Journal of Managerial Psychology
Authors: Beutell, N. J., & Schneer, J. A.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Health Psychology

Drawing on work-family and job demands-resources theories, the authors model predictors (autonomy, schedule flexibility, social support, work hours) and outcomes (health and satisfaction) of work-family variables among Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites.

Career Development International

Work schedule, work schedule control and satisfaction in relation to work‐family conflict, work‐family synergy, and domain satisfaction

Published: Aug 17, 2010 by Career Development International
Authors: Beutell, N. J., & Schneer, J. A.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Work & Organizational Psychology

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of work schedules on work‐family conflict and synergy using the job demands‐resources (JD‐R) and conservation of resources models. The impact of resources including supervisor support, work schedule control and satisfaction, as well as the moderating effects of work schedules on conflict (synergy) and domain satisfaction are examined.

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Self-employment, work-family conflict and work-family synergy: Antecedents and consequences

Published: Aug 18, 2007 by Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Authors: Beutell, N. J.

This paper examines self-employment in relation to work-family conflict, work-family synergy, autonomy, work pressure, mental health, physical health, and satisfaction indices. The analysis uses data from a national probability sample (n = 708 self-employed), the 2002 National Study of the Changing Workforce. Significant relationships were found for all of the major variables while controlling for gender, age, and marital status.

The Academy of Management Review

Sources and conflict between work and family roles

Published: Aug 18, 1985 by The Academy of Management Review
Authors: Greenhaus, J. H., & Beutell, N. J.
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Family Studies

A model of work-family conflict is proposed. Research propositions, examining simultaneous pressures from work and family roles, self-perceptions of role requirements, role salience, negative sanctions for noncompliance with role demands, the response to the conflict situation, career success, and support from significant others, are outlined.