Flora  Di Donato Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Flora Di Donato

University of Naples Federico II

Currently a Professor of Philosophy of Law and Clinical Legal Training at the University of Naples Federico II, I am engaged in promoting justice for vulnerable people making public audiences sensitive toward their stories.


Currently a Professor of Philosophy of Law and of Clinical Legal Education at the University of Naples Federico II, I have been a lecturer, a research fellow and a visiting scolar in several Italian, Swiss and USA universities, by promoting new research and teaching methods, in particular at the Universities of Neuchâtel and Naples Federico II. In fact, my contributions to fact-finding, lawyer- client relationships, narrative analysis and, more generally speaking, the analysis of the law from a bottom-up perspective have made me a pioneer in translating and in further developing some aspects of contemporary legal education – in particular the clinical law approach – from the U.S. context to that of Europe and Switzerland.
By publishing a new book (The Analysis of Legal Cases, Routledge) at the forefront of different disciplines (philosophy and sociology of law, legal anthropology, narrative theory, ethnographical approaches), I aim to continue developing my abilities as an interdisciplinary scholar engaged in joining together academic research and social action, thereby continuing to innovate in this field. The involvement of clients as active participants of the research as well as local institutions (in Italy as well as in Switzerland), will be part of new practices and actions to support vulnerable peoples’ rights, thanks to the collaboration between Academy and society.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Law, Clinical Legal Education, Migration Law, Procedural Law

Personal Interests

    Painter, winemaker, walker



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