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Anthony Baker

Professor of Systematic Theology
Seminary of the Southwest

Anthony Baker is a theology professor at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, as well as the theologian in residence at Saint Julian of Norwich Episcopal Church. About his work on _Shakespeare, Theology, and the Unstaged God_, he says, “I find that literature in general, and especially Shakespeare’s plays, helps us think about the subtle and surprising ways that people of faith can both expect and recall the involvement of God in the world.”


Anthony Baker has taught at Seminary of the Southwest since 2004. He completed his doctoral degree in philosophical theology from the University  of Virginia, where he studied under professors Eugene Rogers, John Milbank, and Peter Ochs.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professor Baker has written on the theological and philosophical questions surrounding the spiritual tradition of perfection in Christianity, and has also written on major doctrinal themes in Christianity.  This book presents his theological interest in Shakespeare, gathered from the many classes, conferences, and papers where he has presented this work.

Personal Interests

    The research for _Shakespeare, Theology, and the Unstaged God_ included a theater component as well, as he not only traveled to see various productions of Shakespeare on stage, but also played small roles in a local production of Macbeth in Austin, Texas, with a group of young and very talented actors and director. In addition, he hosted an annual 12th Night party, with costumes, performances, and a tree burning, during the years when he was writing this book.


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