Fernanda  Martinelli Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Fernanda Martinelli

University of Brasilia

Fernanda Martinelli is professor in Communications at University of Brasília and currently a Visiting Scholar at Brown University. She conducts researches in consumption and material culture studies within Brazil and Latin America. She has previously studied and developed researches about fashion, food and pirated goods. During 2018-2020 she has been working on a project called “Territories of Flavors”, where she discusses the culinary thinking as a methodological device.


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Comunicação, Mídia e Consumo

Humanitarian as branded-content

Published: Sep 19, 2019 by Comunicação, Mídia e Consumo
Authors: Fernanda Martinelli, João Guilherme Xavier da Silva, Sofia Zanforlin

This article discusses the relationship between the dynamics of capitalism and the rhetoric around international migrations and refuge through the lens of consumption and corporative discourse. We analyze advertising campaigns and projects of three major brands through the narratives they built to develop communication strategies based on migration processes and the recent global refugee crisis.


Stuart Hall and Communication Studies in Brazil

Published: Sep 01, 2016 by Matrizes
Authors: Liv Sovik, Fernanda Martinelli and Liziane Guazina

When Stuart Hall died, on February 10, 2014, the idea of publishing a set of articles on his contribution to communications studies in Brazil was already being considered. So it is not only to highlight and evaluate the impact of his thought that this set of texts is being published here, but to enter again into the debate on communication, culture and politics.