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Nigel Young, educated at Oxford University and the University of California, Berkeley, is editor-in-chief of the four-volume Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace. Young is a co-founder of the first Peace Studies Department in Britain (at the University of Bradford, 1973–1979) and was a holder of the first endowed Peace Studies Chair in the United States (at Colgate University, 1984–2004). He has published numerous books and other publications.

Subjects: Memory


Nigel Young, now mainly based in Yorkshire, Northern England, has been active in transnational peace activity for at least a half century.
He is presently Editor-in-Chief of the 'Oxford International Encyclopedia of World Peace' (a four-volume reference work) for which he won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. He is also active in the Balkans Peace Park Project, UK (B3P).
His several degrees are from Oxford University (1961, 63) and the University of California at Berkeley (1969, 1976). He has authored numerous publications including six books (two co-authored), and edited or co-edited others. A co-founder of the first Peace Studies department in Britain (Bradford, 1973/4), he was also the first endowed Peace Studies Chair-holder in the USA. As Professor of Peace Studies he was director of one of the earliest university Peace Studies Programs in North America (Colgate University, New York 1984-2004) where he retains the title of Research Professor.
Having helped start CND at Oxford (1958-61), his first major international peace work was as the London Organizer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (1961-63). He has held academic positions in sociology, politics and peace studies, at over a dozen universities and colleges worldwide, and was a Senior Peace Research fellow in Oslo, Norway (1981-84). Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s he was active in war-resistance movements and this was the topic of his PhD research. He also wrote a key book on the New Left (1976).
Married to the distinguished author, anthropologist and ethnographer, Antonia Young, former Chair of B3P, they share interests in the former Yugoslavia and Albania. They have four grown-up daughters.
Professor Young is currently working on books on Historical Memory as related to peace, and the community basis of resistance.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The State and War as a focus of research;  the Nation State and War Resistance;
    Anglo-American and Continental European Peace Movements; History of Peace Research;
    Role of Non-Governmental Transnational Relationships in Promoting Peace and Global Society;
    History of Pacifism and Conscientious Objection.



Featured Title
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Carnegie Council, Ethics and International Affairs

Concepts of Peace: From 1913 to the Present

Published: Jan 05, 2013 by Carnegie Council, Ethics and International Affairs
Authors: Nigel Young
Subjects: History

How conceptions of peace have changed and evolved since the 1st World War.


Brown Bag Lecture: Inventing Modern Memory

Published: Jun 26, 2015

his Brown Bag Lunch features Dr. Nigel Young, Editor of the Oxford International Encyclopedia of World Peace, and will explore the implication for memory work in the US and other parts of the globe and will also look at how it integrates with peace and conflict research.

DAYTON LITERARY PEACE PRIZE 2011 Award for Scholarship Winner

Published: Nov 16, 2019