Ken  Eakin Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ken Eakin

Senior Advisor, Operational Excellence
Export Development Canada

I help business leaders develop their employees and work systems to create more value for customers– and themselves. I strive to help professionals understand and apply the principles of flow, scientific thinking, continuous improvement and respect for people, even when their work is both intangible and highly complex.


Since 2014, I have been working as a Senior Advisor of Operational Excellence at Export Development Canada (EDC), a government-owned export credit agency that operates on commercial principles.  I am a lean coach and advisor to leaders at all levels of EDC, including senior executives, in the areas of Insurance, Financing, Accounting, Financial Operations, Procurement, and IT. I also facilitate improvement events and teach lean concepts and methods to teams.

Prior to working in the financial services industry, I worked for 13 years in the operations and customer service areas of a large global container shipping firm.

I currently teach an introductory course on lean management to MBA students at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am (mostly) a working professional, not an academic, but my area of inquiry is in Lean as it applies to office/service industries.  I am obsessed with finding new and better ways to translate the principles of lean manufacturing into professional office contexts.  I read widely in the areas of lean, agile, systems thinking and related disciplines.

Personal Interests

    Aside from being interested in solving complex business problems, I also have an interest in the visual arts, including painting, illustration, film, photography, architecture and urban planning/design.

    I like to downhill ski and play tennis. I can juggle a little. I am terrible at singing but this does not stop me singing along to the radio while in the car, much to my family's dismay.



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