Stuart  Andrews Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stuart Andrews

Researcher / Co-Director: Performing City Resilience

I write on critical issues that affect practices and understandings of place in everyday life. My work focuses primarily on architecture, art and performance, city and urban resilience and urban and rural environments. As a Co-Director of Performing City Resilience, I broker relationships between arts organisations and resilience and emergency preparedness staff in cities globally. This creates networks, facilitates strategy innovation and stimulates transformative projects.


In my research, teaching and consultancy, I investigate ways in which artists make sense of place, and consider how this work can inform critical understandings and practices of place, specifically in architecture, art practices and spaces, and in place management. This work contributes to knowledge of arts practice and the ways we experience, conceive of, engage with and articulate place.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research is primarily situated in areas that speak to architecture, art, performance and place.

Personal Interests

    My research emerges in part from my own interest in and experience of noticing and enquiring into particular places. This work is, then, in dialogue with life and with practices of living in or visiting places - walking, scrambling, sitting over fine coffee and the like. As such, spending time in a place and, particularly, walking in a place, become critical practices in themselves and also starting points for unfolding investigations.



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