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Sybil Sharpe

I am a retired law academic, but not yet brain dead! Since 1972, I have lectured at the College of Law, Council of Legal Education, Wolverhampton University, Coventry University and De Montfort University. I worked in the Court Service and have sat on the Isle of Man Interception of communications Tribunal. I am happy to exchange ideas over the internet with those interested in my subject area.

Subjects: Law


I lectured at UK universities from  1972 onwards. I have also spent a brief time in the Court service and sat on the Isle of Man Interception of Communications Tribunal. I have published 4 solely authored books, contributed to collected works and published in international law journals.  I am still interested in my research areas as listed below and welcome email discussion on these issues from interested readers.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My specialist areas of publication were the methodology of evidence gathering (in particular covert evidence gathering) in the criminal process. I draw attention to the movement from ex post facto evidence to the gathering of information to prevent crime or detect inchoate offending. This movement raises issues relating to personal privacy. I have written about governmental data acquisition, but the activities of security services are symbiotic with organisations such as Google and Facebook.

Personal Interests

    Due process in the administration of justice, human rights and constitutional  protections of those rights


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