Albert Y.  Kim Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Albert Y. Kim

Assistant Professor of Statistical & Data Sciences
Smith College

Albert Y. Kim is an Assistant Professor of Statistical & Data Sciences. He is a co-author of the fivethirtyeight R package and ModernDive. His research interests include spatial epidemiology and model assessment and selection methods for forest ecology. Previously, Kim worked in the Search Ads Metrics Team at Google Inc. as well as at Reed, Middlebury and Amherst colleges. You can follow him on Twitter @rudeboybert. He is a native of Montreal, Quebec.

Subjects: Statistics

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Statistics, Data Science, Pedagogy, Forest Ecology

Personal Interests

    Hockey (ice, not field)



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 Featured Title - Statistical Inference Data Science: ModernDive R Tidyverse - 1st Edition book cover