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A communication specialist and mental health advocate with books, articles and webinars on disaster mental health issues. I've had personal involvement with the psychological care aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in my home community. For more information, see


Sharon L. Cohen has been a resident of Newtown for about 35 years. In 1982, she became a communication consultant, writing and developing written and digital marketing and informational materials for nonprofit, business, educational and corporate clients, such as GE, IBM and Barnes Group. In her communication consultant capacity for nonprofit organizations, she was significantly involved with Bridgeport Futures Initiative, a collaborative of leaders from Bridgeport School District, parent and child social service providers, and religious organizations, as well as parents and other community residents. She has written several business books.

After the tragedy, Cohen published a book that included all the services that existing and newly formed organizations created specifically for Newtown residents, since many were unaware of this support. All proceeds of the book went to the Lions Club mental health fund. The book was republished by the Town of Newtown and then expanded online through the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness.  A longtime supporter of helping those in need of mental health services, Cohen decided to write a book on psychological intervention after a disaster when seeing the challenges faced by Newtown.

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    Family and children's organizations, mental health advocacy, social services, psychology, crisis and disaster intervention


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