Allan  Bowditch Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Allan Bowditch

Former CEO
Martin Hamblin Healthcare

Former CEO and Chairman of Martin Hamblin Research's Global Healthcare Division Holder of Lifetime Achievement Awards from EphMRA and PBIRG. Joint author of IJMR- "The Use of Combined Conjoint Approaches to Improve Market Share Predictions". Published May 1, 2003; pp. 1–16. Helped to establish guidelines for the Market Research Society Diploma Joint Author of "The Global Pharmaceutical Industry: Its Demise and the Path to Recovery," Published by Taylor and Francis- July 7th 2020.


Commenced my career at Smith Kline and French in Welwyn garden City in UK 1969-1973, working in market research support position for prescription medicines, OTC products, medical instrumentation and veterinary products. Joined the consulting company Martin Hamblin Research in 1973, appointed director in 1979.  
I developed several innovative Marketing Research approaches in Healthcare industry covering - Trade-off techniques; Pricing; Brand Dynamics/Promotional Response Modeling; Early stage forecasting using epidemiological information and primary MR; Projective Qualitative Techniques; Life Cycle Management.

I have provided educational guidance/support at different  industry organizations e.g. EphMRA; ESOMAR; PBIRG: Helped establish guidelines for the Market Research Society Diploma of MR. Set up and marks MRS Case Histories completed as part of Diploma. Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award from PBIRG 2005 and Given special award from EphMRA for contribution to MR in Healthcare in Europe.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Marketing Research Consultancy;
    Following my work at Martin Hamblin Research, I was a Pharma Industry Market Research Consultant.
    1) Strategic Advisor to the Ziment Organization helping to establish their European presence. (2007-2009)
    2) Advisor to Bryter Research in London (2010-2013)
    3) Advisor to Purdie Pascoe on London (2012-2015)
    4) Chairman of the Trust Alliance (a group International Field Work Companies) (2010-2013)
    5) Industry consultant  
    Committed to supporting and advising the ECCL (A Civic Advocacy Organization) in S.W.Florida which aims to enhance residents’ quality of life and well-being.
    Holder of Lifetime Achievement Awards in Europe and the USA from EphMRA and PBIRG. Winner of the Jack Hayhurst Award for Best Conference Speaker and Contributor. A frequent speaker at international MR Conferences.

Personal Interests

    Keen photographer and golfer:
    Love to travel and have made many journeys to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, which are spectacular. Also traveled recently to Cambodia and Vietnam which was fabulous. Other recent travel included a wonderful trip to Sicily and  Venice.
    Favorite European city is Vienna, and favorite US city is San Diego.

    Love watching the grandchildren grow and develop two in Toronto and two (plus two step grandchildren) in Melbourne!


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Global Pharmaceutical Industry: Hoffman & Bowditch - 1st Edition book cover


The International Journal of Market Research (pp1-16)

"The Use of Combined Conjoint Approaches to Improve Market Share Predictions".

Published: May 01, 2003 by The International Journal of Market Research (pp1-16)
Authors: Allan Bowditch, Gustavo Gurrieri, Beverley Henry

The article explains the use of a combined trade-off modelling procedure to assess the likely impact on an important prescription drug. It is essential to understand the treat posed by new market entries. The conjoint model provided extremely accurate guidance to the client and matched the subsequent market shares achieved of several new entries over a 4 year period after the model was provided.