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Loren-Paul Caplin

Writer, Adjunct Associate Professor
Columbia University, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, New School, Hofstra, T

I write plays and scripts for film, TV, and new media. I teach screenwriting, script analysis, and all things screen-narrative related. I strive to describe the shape of my soul from different angles -- with the hope and belief that if done successfully it will resonate with others. It's a life long process that I've been doing my life long.

Subjects: Film and Video


Loren-Paul Caplin has written scripts for many of the major studios (Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros.), Hollywood producers, and Independent producers, including Laura Ziskin, Joe Roth, Robert Harris, Ben Barenholtz, and Ira Deutchman. His feature film, “The Lucky Ones” (writer/director), premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and his short film, “The History of the World in 8 Minutes,” premiered at the New Directors/New Films Festival. On TV, his “Battle in the Erogenous Zone,” co-written with John Drimmer, was on Showtime; his short films played on MetroTV. His plays “Sunday’s Child” and “Men in the Kitchen” were produced at the Long Wharf Theater; “A Subject of Childhood” produced at the WPA Theater, New York; The Presidents (co-written with Ron Nessen, Press Secretary to President Gerald Ford) played on PBS for a year and toured nationally. His musical Gangs (book, lyrics & music) was developed by David Merrick and Joe Roth for Paramount. His musical “City Music” (book, lyrics & music) was produced at the Huntington Theater, Boston and subsequently developed as “Steel Town” by the Public Theater, NYC. His poems have appeared in various publications including The Paris Review and Rolling Stone Magazine. His on-camera commentary for Criterion Collection's re-release of “The Princess Bride” was released in 2018. He was recently a writer and story consultant for PlayBack, a VR series funded by Oculus.  His book “Writing Compelling Dialogue for Film & TV- the Art and Craft of Raising Your Voice on Screen” (Routledge/Focal Point) is available October 2020.  Loren-Paul Caplin was a Religious Studies Major and Drama minor, and was fortunate to have studied under the preeminent religious studies scholar, Mircea Eliade (“The Sacred and The Profane”, “Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”).  Mr. Caplin has given seminars on the “Hero’s Journey” as it pertains to artists.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    All things narrative.  Especially on screens.  Film, TV, new media.   Drama and mythology.

Personal Interests

    Where culture and metaphysics intersect.  Evolving narratives: form/content/style.  Neo-spiritualty themes in scripted screen narratives.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Caplin - Writing Compelling Dialogue for Film and TV - 1st Edition book cover


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