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Françoise Davoine

PhD, Psychoanalyst

Psychoanalyst in Paris, in private practice, after 30 years in the public psychiatric hospital of Villejuif. At the Social Sciences University, she held with JM Gaudillière a weekly seminar, « Madness and the Social Link », combining their clinical work with the exploration of literary works dealing with the madness of war. Member of the ex-Ecole Freudienne of Paris (Jacques Lacan dissolved it before his death in 1981.) PhD in Sociology and Classical studies, with agregation in classics.


Françoise Davoine obtained an Agregation in classics (French literature, Latin and Greek) in 1966, followed by a doctorate in sociology in 1981, before becoming a psychoanalyst. She worked for thirty years as a psychoanalyst in public psychiatric hospitals in France, and as an external consultant and is currently in private practice. She was a Professor at the Centre for the Study of Social Movements, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, where she and Jean-Max Gaudillière conducted a weekly seminar on 'Madness and the Social Link'. She has also made numerous presentations at the Austen Riggs Center in Massachusetts (USA), as well as elsewhere in the US, in England, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Switzerland.

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    Dr Davoine is the author of many articles and books, including La Folie Wittgenstein, Mother Folly, and History Beyond Trauma (with Jean Max Gaudillière).



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 Featured Title - GAUDILLIÈRE - Madness and the Social Link - 1st Edition book cover


SPS, Hamar, Norvège

Grey zones in the psychoanalysis of psychosis and trauma

Published: Sep 02, 2018 by SPS, Hamar, Norvège
Authors: Françoise Davoine
Subjects: Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychological Science

The psychoanalysis of psychosis and trauma, for both request special tools, in the transference, and are related to the catastrophes of History.

 Éclats de temps

La folie d’Aby Warburg, une recherche : de la forme survivante à l’art de la survie

Published: Sep 07, 2016 by Éclats de temps
Authors: Davoine

L’historien d’art Aby Warburg, comme le physicien John Nash, beautiful minds dans leur folie, ne dissociaient pas leur recherche délirante, l’art de la survie, et leurs recherches scientifiques, respectivement dans le domaine de l’histoire et des mathématiques…

Anglia book series - Interdisciplinary Essays

Zones of Focused Ambiguity in Siri Hustvedt’s Works : Siri’s Timequakes.

Published: Jun 03, 2016 by Anglia book series - Interdisciplinary Essays
Authors: Johanna Hartmann, Christine Marks, and Hubert Zapf

This collection comprises essays from various interdisciplinary perspectives – e.g. literary scholarship, intermediality, art history, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and medicine – to analyze and interpret the fictional and non-fictional works by Siri Hustvedt, an author whose reputation and public presence have been growing steadily in the 21st century and who is recognized as one of the most widely read and appreciated contemporary American writers.


Books about healing trauma now available !

By: Françoise Davoine
Subjects: Family Studies, Mental Health, Psychological Science, Psychology

Two volumes, Madness and the Social Link, and The Birth of a Political Self, written from The Jean-Max Gaudillière Seminars from 1985 to 2014 is now available.

They witness the years of the "Madness and the Social Link" seminars given by psychoanalyst Jean-Max Gaudillière at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris between 1985 and 2014, transcribed by Françoise Davoine from her notes.

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The "Madness and social link" seminars transcribed are available

By: Françoise Davoine
Subjects: Mental Health, Psychological Science

The Jean-Max Gaudillière Seminars 1985 – 2000, held at the Ecole ds Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris, are now available.

These weekly seminars were dedicated to an author who explored madness in his depiction of the catastrophes of history, and have been fully transcribed and written by Françoise Davoine from her notes, faithfully to jean-Max Gaudillière and their common work.

As witnesses by Jane Timan, this work demonstrates the "links between psychosis, literature, language, history, and the psychoanalyst’s courage and persistence in understanding madness in the clinical encounter."