Thomas  Tsakalakis Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Thomas Tsakalakis

Adjunct Lecturer
University of Athens (Greece), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

I teach undergraduate courses on "Ethics, Bioethics, and Communication," "Media Culture," "Modernity and Postmodernity," and "Communication Theory," as well as a graduate course on Samuel Beckett. I am also a novelist and a translator (from English to Greek and vice versa) of literary and philosophical texts. My academic works (6 books and a couple of dozen articles in collective volumes and specialized journals so far), in English or in Greek, cover a broad spectrum of disciplines.


Academic Qualifications
• I earned my PhD and my MA, both with Highest Honor, from the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (UoA: University of Athens), after I had received my BA by graduating summa cum laude from the School of Philosophy of the UoA, where I majored in English Literature. I also hold the London Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation, in the subjects of: General Translation, Technology, and Science (with Distinction).

Scholarships/Academic Awards
i) From the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (1999-2003)
ii) From the Tokyo Foundation [Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund - SYLFF] (2004-2005)
iii) From the Special Research Fund of the University of Athens (2009-2012),  
iv) From a private entity outside academia, namely from the former Greek Minister of Justice Michael Stathopoulos (2014-2015).

Aside from Greek (of course), English is practically my mother tongue, and I have also studied Italian, in which I am proficient, and French, which I understand better than I speak it.

I was the keynote speaker in nine Conferences (one of them International, though held in Greece, and one at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna).

I have worked for eleven years at the National and Kapodistrian UoA, the last ten at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies and one year at the Athens School of Philosophy, either autonomously or as an assistant, teaching both BA and MA courses.

My non-academic employment history includes working for the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (at the Department of International Relations), for European Popular Bank, and for private language institutes where I taught English, Greek, and Translation Theory.

I was born into a working-class family in Athens (Greece), but spent part of my formative years in Boston, Massachusetts.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ethics and bioethics, pessimism and nihilism, literary theory, modernity and postmodernity, the study of cultural prejudices and ethnic stereotypes in the media, film criticism, Samuel Beckett, the multifarious, far-reaching, and subversive sociocultural and/or communicational functions of the exceptional wit found in certain texts, the translation of literary and philosophical works.

Personal Interests

    Philosophy, sci-fi, stand-up comedy, music (classical, rhythm & blues, hard rock), films and TV series that address philosophical issues, documentaries, theater, dogs, football (soccer).



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Political Correctness - Tsakalakis - 1st Edition book cover


Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

"Thomas Tsakalakis: Political Correctness: A Sociocultural Black Hole (Routledge) 2021"

Published: Jan 03, 2021 by Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
Authors: Vasilis Galanos
Subjects: Political Science, Sociology & Social Policy, Philosophy, Communications Studies

A rather complimentary review of my book on Political Correctness

Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 25 (1), 157-168 (2013)


Published: Dec 20, 2013 by Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'hui 25 (1), 157-168 (2013)
Authors: Thomas Tsakalakis
Subjects: Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Communication Studies, Art & Visual Culture

We put forth the proposition that Beckett's "Film" adroitly parodies Russell's paradox in order to call into question the normative claims of metaphysical posturing and to disrupt the prevalent philosophical paradigms. Film instantiates the pitfalls of dogmatic certainties by dint of humor, which is the sole set that contains itself.


Misanthropy: The Ultimate "Grand Narrative"

Published: Oct 22, 2016

Public lecture (in Greek, but English subtitles are available). Topic: Presentation of Tsakalakis's book titled "Misanthropy: The Ultimate Grand Narrative" (Athens: Smili, 2017, 2nd edition). Event: Art Festival "Saving the Soul". Organized by: Interactive Scientific and Artistic Society, under the aegis of the Municipality of Athens. Date of speech: October 22, 2016. Introduction by Anne Parkins, clinical psychologist-psychoanalyst.

Reading the World, with Thomas Tsakalakis

Published: Apr 13, 2019

TV interview on the Hellenic (Greek) Parliament Channel, in Greek of course, about 3 of my books: on Misanthropy, on Samuel Beckett, and on Political Correctness (the last one was still forthcoming then).

Cultural and Sociopolitical Ramifications of Political Correctness

Published: Feb 27, 2020

Public Lecture on Political Correctness. Keynote speaker: Thomas Tsakalakis, Dr of Cultural Studies and Communication. Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Athens. Venue: Bruno-Kreisky-Saal, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. Date: February 27, 2019. Event organizers: Embassy of Greece in Vienna & Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.