Rupert  Read Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Rupert Read

Associate Professor of Philosophy
University of East Anglia

Rupert Read is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, an author, a blogger and a climate and environmental campaigner. He is a renowned Wittgensteinian scholar, with major research interests in political and environmental philosophy.


I’m an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, an author, a blogger, and – closest to my heart – a climate and environmental campaigner.

Most recently, I have been a frequent spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and a member of their political liaison team. This has involved meetings with senior politicians from across the political spectrum; including the environment secretary and shadow chancellor. I have represented Extinction Rebellion on national radio and television, including on Radio 4's Today Program and on the BBC's Politics Live.

Previously, I was a spokesperson, national parliamentary candidate, European parliamentary candidate and councillor for the Green Party of England and Wales. I continue to be active in Green Party politics.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I have been awarded – as Principal Investigator – Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding for two projects on "natural capital". My other major recent academic focus has been on the Precautionary Principle, having contributed substantially to work co-authored with Nassim Nicholas Taleb on applying the principle to questions of genetic modification of organisms. In further work, Read has theorised the utility of the precautionary principle in a wide range of areas, including: climate change, the environment, as well as financial and technology sectors.

    My application of the precautionary principle in climate and environmental affairs underlies many of my talks and presentations, notably including "Shed a Light – This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done?" which was given at Churchill College, Cambridge and has gained success on YouTube with over 100,000 views.



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