Yogendra  Kumar Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Yogendra Kumar

Former Ambassador
Independent analyst

Former Indian Ambassador to the Tajikistan (also handled Afghanistan), Namibia, and the Philippines. Non-resident ambassador to Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands. Author of books and commentator on geopolitics, strategic affairs, including maritime.

Subjects: Political Science


Joined the Indian foreign service in 1977. Served in the Indian diplomatic mission in Moscow (1979-81). Returning to headquarters served as political desk officer for Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Appointed as Assistant High Commissioner at Liverpool (1984-85) and, thereafter, served in the Indian high commission in London. Appointed as Consul General for Soviet Central Asia based in Tashkent (1987-90). Served in the Indian high commission in Islamabad. Back at headquarters, served as director for Central Asia (1993-96). Minister for political affairs in the Indian diplomatic mission in Brussels covering Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union. Appointed as Ambassador to Tajikistan (2000-03) when also handled relations with the Northern Alliance led by Ahmed Shah Massoud. Appointed as High Commissioner to Namibia (2003-06). In Delhi, served on the faculty of the National Defence College (2006-08) and, later, Additional Secretary handling multilateral economic relations/dialogues such as G8-G5, ASEAN, IBSA, IORA et cetera. Appointed ambassador to the Philippines with concurrent accreditation to Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands retiring in 2012. Since retirement, have authored books, contributed chapters in books, written journal/newspaper articles, attending conferences in India and abroad, and lecturing and speaking to diverse audiences. Am also member of various think tanks in India and abroad.


    Post graduate in history and political theory from University of Delhi (1972)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Given diplomatic experience during the Cold War and the post-Cold War periods and serving in Indian diplomatic missions in various stations, am an avid follower of geopolitical situation and emerging trends. Interest in geopolitics globally as also specific regions such as Eurasia, Southeast and East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Maritime geopolitics. Traditional and non-traditional challenges and their geopolitical implications.

Personal Interests

    Wide-ranging interests. History, especially Indian. Memoirs of Indian and foreign personalities. Reading on diverse subjects on foreign affairs, technology, philosophy et cetera. Travelling to places of historical, especially archaeological, interest in India and abroad. Indian and Western classical music and music in general. Current affairs.


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