Milena  Benovska Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Milena Benovska

South-Western University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

I conducted field research in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia and Greece. Published 240 titles, among them 3 books, edited books and journal issues, articles, papers and reviews. Research contributions in sociocultural anthropology (anthropology of socialism and post-socialism; anthropology of religion) and folklore studies.


I graduated in philology in 1975 and worked for several months as a teacher. Since 1976, I have worked as research fellow and senior research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies in Sofia (previously, the Institute of Folklore; and the Ethnographic Institute); since 2002 at the New Bulgarian University - Sofia; since 2011 at the South-Western University of Blagoevgrad. I am a PHD in philology (1990); and Doctor Habil.  in history (2001). Associate professor since 1991; full professor since 2003.  Mother of two and a grand mother.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Anthropology of socialism and post-socialism, including studies of clientelism and corruption; kinship and friendship; anthropology of religion (Orthodox Christianity in Russia, Bulgaria and Estonia; Pentecostal churches in Bulgaria; new-age phenomena in Bulgaria); culture of the Muslims in Bulgaria; folklore studies; history of ethnology and folklore studies in Bulgaria.

Personal Interests

    I am a devoted fan of theater; I am interested in the history of fine arts and visited almost all largest (and some smaller) art galleries and museums of the world. I love swimming. Love literature for children and plan to publish books for children in the future.


Featured Title
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