Tony  Yeigh Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tony Yeigh

Adjunct Associate Professor
Southern Cross University

I am an experienced and passionate educator with a burning desire to make education better and more accessible for teachers and learners at every level of teaching and learning. I am particularly interested in how to improve Initial Teacher Education, school leadership and teacher confidence and competence within blended and online environments, and continue to undertake research in this area from a variety of methodological approaches.


Dr Yeigh is a highly experienced academic with a demonstrated history of successful work in the school and higher education sectors. A personal passion for understanding the relationship between development and learning has driven much of his professional growth, leading him to engage with Education to the point where he is now an adjunct associate professor and researcher in the Faculty of Education at Southern Cross University (Australia). In this capacity he oversees research in the areas of blended learning, teacher professional learning, teacher identity, school leadership and school improvement. Dr Yeigh is skilled in intercultural communication, research design, lesson planning and project supervision. He is a strong education professional with a PhD focused in Educational Psychology, and with applied research interests that include Blended Learning, School Improvement, School Leadership, Initial Teacher Education, Educational Mindfulness and "wicked" problem solving.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dr Yeigh's areas of particular expertise include research planning and design, research supervision, research project supervision, curriculum planning and customised professional learning for teachers and school leaders. He is particularly adept at mixed methods research, where he seeks to combine quantitative and qualitative research methods in ways that are able to define and 'operationalise' critical concepts and elements of research within their contextualised frameworks.

Personal Interests

    Dr Yeigh enjoys spending time with his family and a few close friends, with whom he likes to enjoy nature, share food, be entertained and discuss the world. He greatly enjoys reading and also being politically active. A personal interest in the relationship between mindfulness and music has also influenced his private life, prompting him to write and play music that he finds calming and 'mindfully supportive'.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Improving Schools with Blended Learning - 1st Edition book cover


Academia Letters (Article24)

Is Online Teaching and Learning Here to Stay?

Published: Mar 21, 2021 by Academia Letters (Article24)
Authors: Tony Yeigh & David Lynch
Subjects: Education

Invited article about the impact of COVID-19 on education. Discusses the issues this pandemic has raised and provides strategies for dealing with these issues.

Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Reflecting on Emotions During Teaching: Developing Affective-Reflective Skills in Novice Teachers Using a Novel Critical Moment Protocol

Published: Feb 15, 2021 by Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Authors: Bleakley, J., Woolcott, G., Yeigh, T., & Whannell, R.
Subjects: Education, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods

Introduces protocols for using emotional self-awareness to increase teacher confidence and competence.

Australian and International Journal of Rural Education

An online support system for teachers of mathematics in regional, rural and remote Australia: How will it work? What will it look like?

Published: Nov 25, 2020 by Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Authors: Bui, V., Woolcott, G., Peddell, L., Yeigh, T., Ellis, D., Lynch, D. L., Willis, R., Markopoulos, C. & Samojlowicz, D.
Subjects: Education, Research Methods

Outlines the rationale for, and development of, an online support system (OSS) for teachers of mathematics in regional, rural and remote (RRR) Australia, as part of an ongoing, longitudinal research project aimed at supporting mathematics teaching in RRR contexts.

Australian Mathematics Education Journal

An innovative teacher of mathematics identity framework: An adaptive solution to systematic challenges facing teachers in regional, rural and remote Australia

Published: Oct 28, 2020 by Australian Mathematics Education Journal
Authors: Lynch, D., Yeigh, T., Woolcott, G., Peddell, L., Samojlowicz, D., Hudson, S., Bui, V., Markopoulos, C., & Willis, R.
Subjects: Education

Reports on research involving the impact of teacher identity on teaching motivation and engagement within regional, rural and remote education contexts.

Melbourne, Australia_Cambridge

Managing with Mindfulness: Connecting with Students in the 21st Century

Published: Sep 20, 2020 by Melbourne, Australia_Cambridge
Authors: Tony Yeigh
Subjects: Education, Adolescent Studies, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Communication Studies

Drawing on educational psychology, duty-of-care principles and mindfulness practices, this book introduces an original model designed to foster inclusive classroom practices for the contemporary classroom. Framed by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, it integrates the theoretical contexts of classroom management with the needs of contemporary teachers, as situated within the historical context of 21st century teaching and learning, to provide a new approach to management.

Australian Journal of Teacher Education

The Teachers’ Role in Student Engagement: An Australian Research Perspective

Published: Sep 10, 2020 by Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Authors: Pedler, M., Yeigh, T. & Hudson, S.
Subjects: Education, Adolescent Studies

Provides a novel model for analysing and assessing the teacher's role in supporting student learning engagement.

Education and Information Technologies

Using blended learning to support whole-of-school improvement: The need for contextualisation

Published: Mar 02, 2020 by Education and Information Technologies
Authors: Yeigh, T., Lynch, D., Turner, D., Fradale, P., Willis, R., Lawless, E.
Subjects: Education, Information Science, Research Methods

Provides a means of analysing and evaluating the design of Blended Learning in relation to specific school contexts.

International Journal of Educational Management

Organisational Readiness and Strategic Leadership for School Improvement

Published: Oct 07, 2019 by International Journal of Educational Management
Authors: Yeigh, T., Lynch, D. Turner, D., Provost, S. & Willis, R.
Subjects: Education

Reports on research analysing school ICSEA values, school performance, school funding and school readiness in terms of their impact on student performance.

School Leadership and Management

School leadership and school improvement: A correlational analysis of school readiness factors

Published: Jun 30, 2019 by School Leadership and Management
Authors: Yeigh, T. & Lynch, D.
Subjects: Education

Introduces a novel method (school readiness) for assessing the ability of schools to undertake change management in relation to school improvement initiatives.

Education and Information Technologies

Influences on purposeful implementation of ICT into the classroom: An exploratory study of K-12 teachers

Published: Jun 22, 2018 by Education and Information Technologies
Authors: Willis, R.L., Lynch, D., Fradale, P. & Yeigh, T.
Subjects: Education, Research Methods

Report on research designed to explore factors that are able to predict purposeful implementation of ICT into the classroom.

London: Oxford Global Press

Towards a strategic blend in education: A review of the blended learning literature

Published: Jan 08, 2018 by London: Oxford Global Press
Authors: Willis, R., Yeigh, T., Lynch, D.
Subjects: Education

Provides a critical review and analysis of the Blended Learning research literature.