Kalle  Grill Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kalle Grill

Associate Professor
UmeƄ University

My research focus is in moral and political philosophy, with a special interest in paternalism, public health, future generations and human relationships.


Most of my research so far has dealt with paternalism - to what degree and in what way liberal values such as liberty and autonomy should be respected, both in political contexts and more generally. In particular I have investigated how this question should be understood - if these liberal values have a particular status or if they are values like any other and so should be balanced against them, values such as good health and wellbeing. I have also discussed concrete policy areas where these questions arise, especially in public health.

I recent years I have also taken an interest in quite different issues. I am or have been involved in research projects on the norms and laws that regulate parenthood and families, on the concept of sustainability and its relationship to future people, on information to relatives about hereditary cancer risks, and on the potential impact of artificial intelligence on democracy and self-determination.

More recreationally, I enjoy philosophizing about almost anything. I like to give lectures and to lead philosophical discussions.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Paternalism, public health, future generations, personal relationships.

Personal Interests

    Nature, culture, personal development.



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