Enikő  Sepsi Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Enikő Sepsi

University Professor, Director, Series Editor
Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary

I am a university professor at the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Director of the Institute of Arts Studies and General Humanities, Director of the Benda Kálmán College of Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences, Series Editor, Károli Könyvek (Károli Books). I hold a PhD from Sorbonne University and a habilitated doctor degree from Pázmány Péter Catholic University.


From 2018: founding member and head of the Rituality, Theatre and Literature Research Group
From 2011: founding member of the Mystical Traditions Research Group
From 2010: founding member and head of the Intercultural Research Group and Translation Workshop
More about me: https://btk.kre.hu/index.php/sepsi-eniko


    Sorbonne University (Paris IV), Paris, PhD
    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, MA

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research and publication activities extend to a relatively wide scope and comprise modern and contemporary French and Hungarian poetry – especially Yves Bonnefoy’s and János Pilinszky’s lifework –, contemporary French theatre and theatre theory (more specifically, contextualising Valère Novarina’s theatre and Patrice Pavis’ theory in Hungary and in the Hungarian language), as well as the religious philosophical and poetical implications and forerunners (Alain and Jules Lagneau) of religious philosopher Simone Weil and her lifework, which also impacted János Pilinszky. My activities as a translator were inevitably and naturally linked to my research activities in the field of translation studies. All of these reflections are connected through the naturally given relationship between poetry and the theatre as well as the deep and fundamental relationship that holds between theatrical forms considered poetic and poetic modes of creating imaginary stages in literature, and the examination of the appearance of visuality in diverse arts.

Personal Interests

    piano, dance, theater


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Poetic Images, Presence, Theater of Kenotic Rituals: Sepsi - 1st Edition book cover