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Mark Steven Csele

Niagara College

A full-time professor at Niagara College, I have taught for over 20 years at academic levels ranging from two-year technician to four-year undergraduate. I teach lasers almost exclusively including the topics of the fundamentals of lasers and advanced laser theory. Being a physicist first, and then an engineer, has given me a unique perspective on practical models for laser systems - many of which are outlined in this text.


I am a full-time professor at Niagara College, in Ontario, Canada. A physicist and professional engineer, I have taught for over 20 years at levels ranging from two-year technician to four-year undergraduate.  In the past, I have taught courses including digital signal processing (DSP) techniques and high vacuum technology (including thin-film deposition) however my current course load consists exclusively of photonics courses with the topics of the fundamentals of lasers, laser systems, and advanced laser theory.  I am fortunate to find myself at Niagara College, which features an array of dedicated laboratories hosting a variety of laser systems (including several Q-switched laser systems, many custom-built for laboratory experiments, and a femtosecond laser system).  With an emphasis on teaching practical skills, our labs feature essentially every type of commercial laser.

I have authored a previous book on fundamental laser concepts as well as several articles in magazines (including two employing DSP technology in Circuit Cellar) and trade encyclopedias (including the Kirk-Othmer).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Fundamentals of lasers, Laser Systems, Practical models for real laser systems, and High Vacuum and Thin-Film Technology

Personal Interests

    Microcontroller programming (including DSP processors), Electronics (including maintaining a few old pinball machines and a small collection of vintage computers), History of Technology (including military history and historical power generation), Woodworking (including cabinet making), and Camping (if you consider a 29-foot RV as "camping").



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