Eugenio  Iannone Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Eugenio Iannone

President and Scientific Director
Dianax Study Group

Eugenio Iannone received his university degree in engineering from University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy. He is Science director and President of Dianax Study Group, a research initiative in the field of Biotechnologies


Eugenio Iannone received his university degree in electronic engineering from Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy. He is a well-known executive consultant working mainly for small and medium-size companies. He consults on optimizing methods to drive key innovation processes or to transfer technologies from research institutes and universities to the industrial environment. With 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Iannone has held several managerial positions. Since 2002, Iannone has been a senior vice president of application engineering at Pirelli Labs OI, the company’s research and design center for telecommunications and strategy. He has also served as marketing director at PGT Photonics, the arm devoted to telecommunication components and subsystems business. During the course of his career, Iannone has authored more than 100 papers and developed several international patents on optical transmission, optical switching, and the architecture of optical networks.


    Researcher at Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (1986-1997)
    Development Manager at Pirelli Optical Systems (1997-2000)
    Technical Leader at Cisco Systems (2000-2002)
    Executive VP Pirelli Labs and PGT (Pirelli Group) (2002-2010)
    President and Scientific Director Dianax Study Group (2010-today)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Telecommunications, Transmission Systems and Technologies, Monolithic Integration;

    Lab on Chip, Microfluidics

Personal Interests

    Tracking, Climbing (a bit), Theoretical Physics (mainly classical and quantum optics), Chess



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