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Victor Kulish

Merited Science and Technology Worker of Ukrainian, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences
National Aviation University (NAU)

Victor V. Kulish is scientific pensioner and has the position of Professor of Department of Theoretical Physics at NAU. He was known in the Soviet Union as an inventor of the first design for the Free Electron Laser (FEL, 1972, Soviet Patent). This design was constructed later (1975-1976) in the first experiments with FELs of sub-millimeter range (V.Granatstein, Naval Research Laboratory, USA).


He was born in 1946 in Poland (Medyka). His BS he received in the field of Vacuum Technologies in Lviv Technical College of Radio-Electronics (1965, Ukraine). He has received the MS degree in Radio-Engineering at Special Faculty of Moscow Energetical Institute (1972, Moscow, Russia), PhD degree (Candidat of Sciences) in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Kiev State University (1978, Ukraine); Doctor of Sciences Degree in Physical Electronics at Institute of Physics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1987, Kiev, Ukraine). From 1972 through 2008 he occupied positions of engineer, senior engineer,and head of departments of physics and theoretical physics at three Ukrainian universities. From 2002 till 2008 he also occupied the position of Director of Institute of Advances Technologies of Ministry of Science and Education and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He has proposed (1972) the first Free Electron Laser (FEL) and (in 1978) the first (in the Soviet Union) special systems on the basis of the FELs, the first superheterodyne FEL (1979) and several designs of other new types of the FELs. Most important scientific-technological result concerns the special systems destined for forming of beams of super-powerful electromagnetic Femto-Second electromagnetic clusters. V. Kulish has proposed method for forming such beams, the physical mechanism and variants for a technological realization of these method and mechanism. He is also the author of a new acceleration principle and a number designs of the devices, whose operation principles are based on this principle (the EH-accelerators, the EH-formers, the EH-coolers), the Multi-channel Undulative Induction Accelerators (MUNIACs). In the field of theoretical and mathematical physics he is known in this field as the author of new mathematical hierarchic methods and the inventor of many new physical phenomena. He has developed a new of principle version of the theory of hierarchic dynamics systems. The so-called principle of hierarchic resemblance firstly has been introduced by Prof. Kulish as a new fundamental law of physics. However, the most intriguing peculiarity of the developed theory is the introduction into physics the concept of God, as a physical being. Therein, God is considered there as a necessory and real physical object. It was shown that without introduction of this concept the modern physics can not overcome its most urgent problems, like the problem of the openness of our Universe and its hierarchic dynamic structure.


    Hierarchic electrodynamics

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Relativistic quantum and classical theory of radiation, relativistic electrodynamics of plasma-like systems, theory of hierarchic dynamic systems, hierarchic methods, theological physics

Personal Interests

    Nonlinear theory of Free Electron Lasers


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