Fiona  Macdonald Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Fiona Macdonald

Snr Publisher, Chemical & Life Sciences
Taylor & Francis

I'm honored to join the CRC Press author community! Passionate about chemistry, I've worked in scientific publishing for 30 years. I started work on the Chapman & Hall Chemical Dictionaries in 1988. Moving to CRC Press in 1998 I became the publisher of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, probably the best known chemistry reference book in the world and now celebrating its 99th edition..


1988 Editorial Assistant, Chapman & Hall, London
1998 Publisher, Chemical Information, CRC Press, London
2009 Publisher, Chemical & Life Sciences, Taylor & Francis, Florida

Born and educated in the UK, I am now resident in the USA and based in the CRC office in Boca Raton, Florida.

Personal Interests

    I love to garden and am slowly getting to grips with the sub-tropical climate here in Florida.



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