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Ned Criscimagna

President, Criscimagna Consulting LC
Criscimagna Consulting LC

Mr. Criscimagna has over 47 years experience in engineering, management, system acquisition, logistics, reliability and maintainability (R&M), and maintenance. He developed Air Force policy for logistics and R&M. He served as a maintenance officer with a flight test maintenance organization at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH and with the 25th Tactical Fighter Squadron in Ubon, Thailand during the Vietnam War. Mr. Criscimagna is experienced in preparing and giving briefings to high-level military and


Mr. Criscimagna is the President and Owner of Criscimagna Consulting LLC (CC LLC).  CC LLC was formed to assist commercial and government clients in procuring and sustaining reliability and supportable systems.  During 2006, support was provided to Decisive Analytics Corporation (DAC).  As a subcontractor to DAC, CC LLC supported the technical review of the Tomahawk Block IV missile with special attention to reliability problems being experienced in flight testing.  Mr. Criscimagna provided the principal expertise in reliability and was instrumental in developing the final report for the Tomahawk program office.  In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Mr. Criscimagna provided support to Alion Science and Technology, to the Reliability Information Analysis Center, and to Quanterion Solutions, Inc.  Support included the development of a reliability assessment and scoring methodology, development of a Maintainability Training Course, on-site presentation of the Maintainability Course, development of a web-based version of the Maintainability Course, and presentations of a Mechanical Reliability training Course.

Alion Science & Technology (formerly IIT Research Institute)

Lanham, MD
Science Advisor, Jun 2002 to July 2006

Mr. Criscimagna is currently the Deputy Director, of the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), Editor of the RAC Journal, Manager of RAC Product Development, and Instructor of the RAC’s Mechanical Reliability Design Course.  He leads and performs project work for commercial and government customers.  He authors technical books and articles for the RAC Journal, which he edits.

Job Search
Feb 1993 to Jun 1993

ARINC Research Corporation
Annapolis, MD
Staff Principal Engineer, Nov 1985 to Feb 1993

Mr. Criscimagna served in a variety of positions including Staff Principal Engineer (SPE), Deputy Division manager, and Manager of Corporate Systems Engineering.  As SPE, he implemented company policy and procedures for ensuring the technical quality of all products and services provided under assigned projects.  As Deputy Division Manager for the largest line organization within the company, Mr. Criscimagna reported directly to the Vice President-General Manager of the division and was assigned responsibilities in four areas:  quality assurance, technical interchange, administration operations, and special projects.  As Manager, Corporate Systems Engineering, he was responsible to the Executive Vice President-General Manager and the Vice President-Engineering (VPE) for assessing the quality of corporate products; recommending policies, procedures, and standards for ensuring appropriate quality levels; and assisting in the establishment and achievement of long-range technical objectives.  He recommended changes in the corporation's products and services needed to achieve long-range corporate objectives and helped the VPE formulate quality assurance goals for annual plans.  

United States Air Force (USAF)
Various stateside and overseas bases
Sep 1965 to Nov 1985

Headquarters, Air Force Systems Command, June 1983 - October 1985.  Mr. Criscimagna developed and oversaw the implementation of R&M policy and reviewed program direction, requirements, and execution to ensure that R&M was adequately addressed to minimize life cycle cost and meet mission requirements.  He served as a member of the R&M 2000 Action Plan Development Team for the Air Force and oversaw the implementation of the plan within the command.  He audited the R&M programs for the F-15, F-16, and B-1B aircraft; AMRAAM air-to-air missile; Global Posi¬tioning Satellite user equipment; Joint Tactical Information Distribu¬tion System; Advanced Tactical Fighter; and Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night system.

Detachment 465, Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, June 1980 - June 1983.  Mr. Criscimagna was the Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln AFROTC Detachment 465.  He taught the senior-level courses in National Securi¬ty Forces in Contemporary American Society.  He revised the course and was successful in having it cross-listed with the Political Science Department.  He planned course and lessons and developed curriculum and grading policy.  .He worked with the chancellor and univer¬sity faculty and administrative officials.  

Headquarters, USAF, June 1977 - June 1980.  Mr. Criscimagna managed the Air Force reliability and maintainability (R&M), product improvement, corrosion control, nondestructive inspection, metrology and calibration, oil analysis, and information feedback programs.  He planned and structured the Air Force effort to secure Congressional support for aircraft corrosion repair facilities.

Space and Missile Systems Organization, November 1974 - June 1977.  While assigned to the Acquisition Logistics Support Office, Mr. Criscimagna provided guidance and established requirements for R&M for program and integrated logistics support offices.  He authored a reliability handbook for program office staffs.

B-1A Integrated Logistics Support Office, January 1972 - November 1974.  Mr. Criscimagna reviewed, assessed, and managed various aspects of the ILS program including R&M, structural integrity and nonde¬structive inspection programs, technical publications planning, mainte¬nance engineering analysis, and logistics support evaluation planning for initial operational test and evaluation.  He established review procedures for maintenance engineering analysis, which identified design changes resulting in a life-cycle-cost saving of $4 million.

25th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS), January 1971 - January 1972.  As the 25th TFS squadron maintenance officer, Mr. Criscimagna planned and super¬vised flight-line maintenance for 20 F-4D aircraft based at Ubon, Thailand.  He supervised 120 noncommissioned officers and enlisted personnel.  

Student, Air Force Institute of Technology June 1969 - January 1971.

Aeronautical Systems Division, June 1966 - June 1969.  As a mechanical engineer assigned to the Modification Design Office of the Deputy for Flight Test at the Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, Mr. Criscimagna provided design engineering, technical guidance, and project management for Class II modifications of flight test aircraft.  Planned and scheduled the design and installation of projects, including the Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft (AMSA) avionics studies.  He designed the modifications, performed stress analyses to ensure aircraft integrity, estimated materials and shop-hours requirements, and coordinated project planning and scheduling with contractors, program office test managers, and fabrication shop managers.

Earlier, as chief, cargo maintenance, he directed flight-line and periodic maintenance of 22 cargo, trainer, and rotary-wing aircraft.  He supervised 64 civilian and 55 airmen experimental aircraft test technicians.  

Student, Aircraft Maintenance Officers Course, October 1965 - June 1966.


Air Force Institute of Technology, MS, Systems Engineering - Reliability - 1970
University of Nebraska, BS, Mechanical Engineering - 1965


Life Data Analysis - 2004
Introduction to Accelerated Life Testing - 2004
Introduction to System Analysis and BlockSim - 2004
RAPTOR Simulation - 2003
ISO 9000 Assessor/Lead Assessor Training Course - 1997
Air Force Instructors Course - 1980
Industrial College of the Armed Forces - 1977
Systems Engineering and Human Factors - 1977
U.S. Air Force Air Command and Staff College - 1977
U.S. Air Force Squadron Officer School - 1969


Certified Reliability Engineer (ASQ) - 1998
Certified Professional Logistician (SOLE) - 1985


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Who’s Who in America, in Engineering, and in the World (Marquis) – 2000-2009


(Member)  National Defense Industries Association – 2000 to 2006
(Member)  US TAG to TC56 - 1998
(Member)  Dependability Subcommittee of Z1 Standards Group - 1995
(Member)  Society of Automotive Engineers – 1994 to 2006
(Member)  American Society for Quality – 1990 to 2006
(Member)  International Society of Logistics – 1983 to present


    Air Force Institute of Technology, MS, Systems Engineering - Reliability - 1970 University of Nebraska, BS, Mechanical Engineering - 1965

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Reliability, maintainability, aircraft maintenance, logistics, systems acquisition, technical instruction

Personal Interests

    Coin and edged weapon collecting, singing, reading, video games, grandchildren



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