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Muzaffer Siddiqi

Aligarh Muslim University

Dr Muzaffer Ahmad Siddiqi is a professor in the department of Electronics Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Aligarh, India, where in Oct.2012 he completed three year term of the Chairmanship of the department. Dr Siddiqi obtained degrees of B.Sc.Engg., M.Sc.Engg. and PhD from AMU Aligarh in 1968, 1973 and 1979, respectively; all in Electrical Engineering. Dr Siddiqi started his teaching carrier in 1970 from AMU Aligarh and also taught at Jamia Alfateh Libya and Royal Commission Yanb


Permanent Address:

4/1308, New Sir Syed Nagar, Aligarh 202002
0571-2702878 (residence)
09411489044 (Mob)
email- [email protected]
Date of Birth: June 20, 1948

                                    Professor and Ex-Chairman
Department of Electronics Engineering
      Z.H. College of Engineering & Technology
A.M.U., Aligarh-202 002.


i. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 1979, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh.

ii. M. Sc.(Engineering) in Electrical Engineering, 1973, First Division, AMU, Aligarh.

iii. B.Sc. (Engineering) in Electrical Engineering 1968, First Division, AMU, Aligarh.

iv. Diploma in Electrical Engineering, 1965, First Division and First Position, AMU, Aligarh.


i. Professor, August 1997-till date, Electronics Engg. Department, A.M.U., Aligarh, and
Chairman, Oct 12, 2009-Oct 11, 2012

ii. Reader, Sept. 1989 to Aug. 1997. Electronics Engg. Department, AMU, Aligarh.

iii. Lecturer, Nov. 1981 to Aug. 1989, Al-Fateh University, Tripoli, Libya.

iv. Lecturer, Oct. 1972 to Nov. 1981, Electrical Engg. Department, AMU, Aligarh.

v. Associate Lecturer, Jul. 1970 to Oct. 1972, Electrical Engg. Department, AMU, Aligarh.


Over 42 years of experience in teaching under-graduates (UG) and post graduates (PG) classes of, electronics and electrical engineering. Almost all courses in the area of Electronics Engineering have been taught.


Broad areas of research interest are: VLSI design, Active Network Synthesis, Microelectronics Circuits and System Design including Computer Aided Design.


A. i) Doctoral Level: Supervised a full time research scholar in the area of IC Network  
                        Design with emphasis on computer applications at Aligarh Muslim University,    
                        from January 1996 to August 1997.

ii) Supervised one Ph.D student in the area of electronics engineering. Candidate has
            been awarded the degree in Oct., 2012.Title of the supervised Ph.D thesis: Realization
            of Analog Signal Processing using Current Conveyors.  

B. M. Phil Dissertation supervision at A.M.U., Aligarh

i) Current mode networks for implementation in MOS VLSI, 2006.
ii) Monolithic filters based on current and charge simulation, 2006.

C. Large number of M. Sc., Engineering Dissertation Supervision at AMU, Aligarh , Final Semester B.Sc. Engineering Projects Supervision at Al-Fateh University, Tripoli, Libya and AMU, Aligarh,
            have been done


           A reference book titled ‘Dynamic RAM: Technology Advancements’ has been published in            
           December 2012 by Taylor and Francis (USA), a leading international publisher of technical      


I was responsible as General Chair for an IEEE sponsored ‘International conference on Multimedia and Signal Processing’ organized by the Dept. of Electronics Engineering Department, AMU, Aligarh, in Dec.2011,


Thirty one technical research papers in international journals (12) international conferences (10) national journals and conferences (9) have been published. Three papers are pending with reviewers.


i) 12th Asilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems and Computers, USA, in November 1978.

ii) 5th national Systems Conference, held at Ludhiana, on September 4-6, 1978.

iii) 1st International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tripoli, Libya, in March 1985.

iv) 16th National Systems Conference at Madras, in February 1993.

v) 7th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation conference and 15th International Conference on VLSI, Jan 2002, Bangalore.
vi) International conference on Future Engineering Trends (IET), SSE S. University Chennai, April 2010

Contributions at Department Level

(a) Introduced a large number of new/revised theory courses at UG and PG levels.

(b) Laboratory Development and Maintenance has been done extensively at Electronics Engineering Dept., AMU, Aligarh.

(c) Departmental Projects / Grants Utilization

i. Coordinator of DRS Phase II under Special Assistance Program of UGC to the Department of Electronics Engineering, AMU Aligarh from 2009 to 2012. Total grant of the scheme was Rs.64.50 Lacs per annum.

ii. Joined FIST Program 2007 of Dept of Science & Technology, (Funds for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions) in Oct 2009 as Chairman of Electronics Engineering Dept, AMU and was the Coordinator of the Programme (Total grant Rs 1.4 Crore).

iii. Utilized Rs. 5 Lac in 2009-10 sanctioned by the UGC to the Dept. of Electronics Engg. Deptt, AMU for promoting culture of research at the under graduate level.

iv. Applied for, received and utilized a grant of Rs 20 lakhs in the year 2010-11, under ‘Infrastructure development……’.scheme of UGC.

Other Important positions

(i) Member expert committee constituted by the chairman UGC for on-the-spot assessment of various infrastructural and other facilities for a technical university at Delhi.
(ii) Member of the Faculty of Engineering at Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi.
(iii) FIETE-Fellow of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications


1. Member of the AMU court, AMU, Aligarh. (Dec 2003 – March 2006, April 2007 - Dec 2009).

2. Member of the AMU Executive Council, AMU, Aligarh. (April 2007 – Dec. 2009).

3. Member of the AMU Academic Council, AMU, Aligarh. (Nov.2000 – March 2006, April 2007 – till date).

4. Member of the AMU Admission Committee, a sub committee of the AMU Academic (Dec.1995–Aug.1997, Nov.2000–March 2006, April 2007–Dec.2009).

5. Member of the Committee of Advanced Studies and Research, Faculty of Engineering & Technology (From Oct. 2009).

6. Member of the Maulana Azad Library Committee, AMU (April 2006-April 2008).

7. Proctor of the AMU from April 2007 to Dec. 2009. Mentioned tenure of the Proctor has seen a tremendous improvement in security on the campus and discipline among students compared to the last 15/20 years.

8. Member of the high power committee for preparing permanent security plan for AMU, Aligarh,

9. Dean Students Welfare (DSW) of AMU Dec.2003 – March 2006. Coordinated the services of Provosts of Hall of residences and non-resident students for providing better facilities for accommodation, food, and other amenities to the students.

10. Provost V.M. Hall (Dec. 1995 – August 1997), Provost Sulaiman Hall (Nov. 2000 – Oct.  2002), Provost Sir Syed (North) Hall (Oct 2002 – Dec. 2003).

11. Elected Honorary Secretary of the staff (teachers) Association Aug 1995 – April 1997.

12. International Students Advisor (April 2007 – Dec. 2009) at AMU Aligarh.

13. Member In charge Students Stationary Mart- Sep. 2007 – Feb. 2010.

14. Assistant Director Coaching and Guidance Centre, AMU, Aligarh 1991-92.

15. Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) India.

16. Convener of the Academic Programmes & Research committee for the Z. H. College of Technology, AMU and key team member for preparing XI Plan proposals.  


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    Teaching, research & academic administration.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Analog IC Design, Digital IC Design, VLSI, Microelectronics and Signal Processing.

Personal Interests

    Reading books - all shades, going places and meeting people.


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