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Robert C Klingender

Specialty Elastomer Consulting

Sixty years have been spent in the rubber industry designing formulations for non-tire products. This includes six years with a mechanical rubber goods manufacturer as assistant chief chemist and over forty years associated with synthetic rubber producers designing formulations for technical assistance to customers. In addition


Years of experience in a mechanical goods factory as well as in a custom mixing facility has provided a good insight into a practical approach to formulation design that addresses not only the manufacturing needs but also the end product requirements. Having been associated for forty years with synthetic rubber producers has given an insight to the basic properties of the multitude of families and varieties therein that is very beneficial in the selection of the most appropriate polymer for any formulation.


    Knowledgeable in the basic characteristics of the vast majority of non-tire rubbers as well as the requirements of their applications. This applies to automotive, mechanical goods, printing, energy, mining and construction  applications.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Over twenty technical bulletins on various uses of synthetic rubber were generated while in the technical service laboratory of a synthetic rubber producer as well as over twenty papers were presented to various
    Rubber Groups and the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society. These were on the selection of the most appropriate elastomer and the design of the formulation that best fit the requirements of both the manufacturing and end product.  

Personal Interests

    Playing bridge, golf, entertaining and travelling.


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