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Finlay MacRitchie

Emeritus Professor
Kansas State University

Finlay MacRitchie’s career has involved two main stages, first as a research scientist in the Australian government’s premier research organization, the CSIRO, and second as an educator and mentor for students at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA. His research has focused on two main areas, colloid and interface science, specializing in proteins at interfaces, and the science of cereals and grains, aimed at relating cereal components to end-use quality of their products.


Finlay MacRitchie was a Professor in the Department of Grain Science & Industry, Kansas State University from 1997-2009. He is presently Professor Emeritus in that department. Prior to this, he was a Research Scientist in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia.

He has spent short periods of time as Visiting Professor at the University of Chile and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and as Senior Research Fellow at the Wageningen University, Netherlands; the University of Paris V; the University of Lund, Sweden; and the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy.

He has published over 150 papers in refereed journals and four books: Chemistry at Interfaces (Academic Press, 1990); Concepts in Cereal Chemistry (Taylor and Francis Group, 2010); Scientific Research as a Career (Taylor and Francis Group, 2011); and The Need for Critical Thinking and the Scientific Method (Taylor and Francis Group, 2018).

Professor MacRitchie’s awards include the F.B Guthrie Medal of the Cereal Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Thomas Burr Osborne Medal and George W. Scott Blair Memorial Award of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (now AACC International).

He has been a member of the Editorial Boards of Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, Cereal Chemistry and Journal of Cereal Science and was Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cereal Science and was Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cereal Science until 2018.


    University of Sydney, Ph.D.
    University of Western Australia, Bachelor of Science (Hons)
    Bunbury High School, Bunbury, Western Australia

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Colloid and interface science
    Monomolecular films
    Adsorption and properties of proteins at interfaces
    Physical processes and chemical reactions at interfaces
    Grain/cereal science
    Chemical composition of cereal grains
    Analysis and properties of cereal proteins and lipids
    Relation of cereal components to product quality
    Strategies for improving cereal quality based on genetics and chemical composition

Personal Interests

    Philosophy of the scientific method
    Music, reading
    Current affairs and politics
    Sport (Australian rules football and cricket in youth, spectator at present)
    Writing (research publications during career, author of books in recent times)


Featured Title
 Featured Title - The Need for Critical Thinking and the Scientific Method - 1st Edition book cover


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