Vinny  Caraballo Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Vinny Caraballo

Global Targeting, Inc.

Dr. Vinny Caraballo, COP is an expert in sustained innovation success, with an emphasis on leveraging the innovative capabilities of the global workforce. He has led and trained multicultural teams on several continents, and consulted with some of the world’s premiere technology and professional services firms, after serving as a US Army Aviator. He is currently the CEO of Global Targeting, an international strategy and advisory firm, and founder of the Project Impact Institute, an innovation


    Innovation in the Services Industry, Research Design and Interpretive Analytics, Global Business Development, Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing Strategy and Execution

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Competitive Advantage, Sustained innovation Success, Global Business Development, Multicultural Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Customer Relationship Management



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