J. R.  Solana Author of Evaluating Organization Development

J. R. Solana

Full Professor
Applied Physics Department, University of Cantabria

Professor at the University of Cantabria, Spain. Secretary of the Specialized Group of Termodynamics of the Spanish Royal Societies of Physics and Chemistry.


Teaching experience:

Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Atmospheric Physics, Liquid State Physics, and others.

Research experience:

• Co-author of over one hundred papers in the field of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of fluids and solids, including a recent review on perturbation theories:

S. Zhou and J. R. Solana. Progress in the perturbation approach in fluid and fluid-related theories. Chemical Reviews 2829-2858 (2009).

• Referee for Physical Review Letters, Journal of Chemical Physics, Physical Review E, Fluid Phase Equilibria, Molecular Physics, and other journals.

Research activity:

Active in the field of theory and computer simulation for the thermodynamic and structural properties of fluids and solids. My recent interests include computer simulation, perturbation theories, and integral equation theories, with application to simple fluids and solids, molecular fluids, mixtures, colloids, and aqueous protein solutions, to obtain equations of state, phase equilibria, thermophysical properties, and pair correlation functions.


    Teaching and research in Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Theory and computer simulation for the thermodynamic and structural properties of fluids and solids

Personal Interests

    Science, reading, traveling



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