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Alexander L. Kapelevich

AKGears, LLC

More than thirty years of custom gear drive research and design experience; hundreds successfully accomplished projects for variety of industries and gear applications. Developer of the Direct Gear Design® methodology for custom gear transmissions that have been implemented in various fields, such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, defense, robotics, racing, and many others.


1976 – 1994 Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), Moscow, Russia. Work in the Gear Transmission Department. Had different positions from Design Engineer to Senior Research Scientist and Group Leader. Was involved in R&D of many helicopter gearboxes, turboprop and turbofan engine gearboxes, jet engine accessory gearboxes, etc. Most noticeable was design of the planetary gear reducer with unique asymmetric tooth shape for the TV7-117S turbo-prop engine of the Ilyushin-114 airplane.  This gear reducer achieved high efficiency, an extremely small weight/output torque ratio, and cut down duration and expenses of operational development.
1985 – 1994 Gear Design Consultant, Moscow, Russia. Consulted on design of different gear systems mostly for aerospace applications.
1994 Immigrated in USA (Minnesota).
1994 to 1996 KURT Manufacturing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Design Engineer. Designed gear drives for different industries and applications, including aerospace, military, etc.
1996 – 2001 GRACO, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sr. Project Engineer. Powertrain design for the fluid handling systems.
1999 – present. AKGears, LLC. Shoreview, Minnesota. Owner, consultant. Gear design services for different industries and applications. List of clients is at  Has developed the Direct Gear Design methodology and software. For more details see

A member of the AGMA Aerospace gearing committee. International.

Author of many technical publications and book “Direct Gear Design”.

List of publications: see at


    Gear transmission design and optimization. Gear drive failure investigation. Gear software development. Technical writing.



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