David  Roi Hardoon Author of Evaluating Organization Development

David Roi Hardoon

David R. Hardoon is an Associate Director, Advisory Services, Performance Improvement - Business Analytics at Ernst & Young where he is heading up the business analytics practice and is responsible for the positioning of business analytics capabilities and solutions to customers across different business sectors.


Dr. Hardoon is also an Adjunct Faculty Member of School of Information Systems and Singapore Management University in Singapore and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Computational Statistics & Machine Learning, University College London in the United Kingdom.

He has been engaged at various conferences and workshops to speak on research and business related topics in machine learning, data mining and business analytics. He also regularly tutors, advises and provides consulting support in his field of expertise, Analytics and Business Analytics. He also has established expertise in developing and applying computational analytical models for business knowledge discovery and analysis and has been involved in research projects in the domains of taxonomy, neuroscience, aerospace and finance.

Dr. Hardoon received his doctorate in Computer Science in the field of Machine Learning from the University of Southampton in 2006 and was awarded first class honors in B.Sc. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2002.

More information about David can be found at davidroihardoon.com



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