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Juergen Geiser

My education is in numerical analysis and scientific computing, where I received my PhD 2004. Based on my interdisciplinary research, I worked in several projects with engineers, physicists and mathematicians and developped discretization and solver methods for partial differential equations. My habilitation I received in 2012 in Computational Engineering with respect to mathematical modelling and multiscale methods for engineering problems. Recently, I am working in hierarchical modells.


I studied mathematics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
In my diploma at the Institute of Computer Applications at the University
of Stuttgart, I simulate material behaviors of thin plates with
plate-equations. I developed discretization methods with non-conforming finite elements. In my next PhD research at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, I studied fluid dynamical problems related to porous media. I simulate the behavior of radioactive contaminants through an overlying rock of a waste-disposal. My PhD, I received in 2004.
In my first Postdoc position at ISC, T A & M University, College Station, Texas, USA, I studied subsurface modelling with discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear partial differential equations. We could resolve
discontinuous solutions in arbitrary domains, I simulated multiflow problems in groundwater reservoirs.
My next position at WIAS, Berlin, Germany, was in a material research group, where I was involved with multiphysical modells based on heat transfer and radiation problems. My acchievements were effective domain decomposition methods for such multidomain problems.
In these years I started my decomposition research, which allows my to
deal with hierarchical model problems and multiscale problems.
An own research project with a research group, I could obtain at the
Humboldt University of Berlin and we simulate CVD (chemical vapor deposition) processes.
My current research project is at the EMA University of Greifswald. I
am developping adaptive particle in cell methods. Such methods coupled microscopic and macroscopic behaviour of the underlying plasma. Here the acchievements are deeper knowledge of
hierarchical structures of materials and an extension of standard schemes
to multiscale methods. I also acchieved my habiltitation in
computational engineering at the Ruhr University of Bochum. The topic was
related to my recent research in designing effective methods for multiscale
transport and flow problems.
The future, I am concentrating in hierarchical modelling and
simulations of multicomponent flow problems.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Since recent years, I am working in numerical analysis related to
    modeling and simulation of engineering problems.
    I concentrate on multiscale and multicomponent models and developed
    numerical schemes, which overcome the delicate multiscale and
    multicomponent characteristics.
    Based on that research, I am writing books and articles related to
    Computational Engineering, which discussed novel numerical schemes
    based on iterative approaches and my cooperation with
    software-engineers in implementing such schemes. I am also teaching numerical analysis and computational engineering classes for University students.


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