Tim  Hutzel Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tim Hutzel

I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in the 1950’s where my father, “Pop”, worked as a tool & die maker for GM. Almost all the fathers on my street were blue-collar workers who were role models for their kids and families. They were respected for their crafts and earned a good living. Sadly, now all that is gone. The flight of manufacturing to China and other countries has left us with lost crafts and skills, lost jobs, unemployment, lost work ethic, and more.


Current: President, Tim Hutzel Advisory Board Services
Current: Adjunct Professor - Miami University Eng. & Mgt.
2000-2009: President - MainStream Consulting
1990-1995: Dir. Lean Transformation - GE Aviation
1985-1990: Mgr. Organizational Effectiveness - GE Aviation
1982-1985: Mgr. Manufacturing - GE Aviation
1980-1982: Mgr. Quality Assurance - GE Aviation
1978-1982: Engr. Quality Assurance - GE Aviation
1976-1978: Engr. Manufacturing - GE Aviation
1974-1976: Foreman Manufacturing - GE Aviation
1971-1974: Engr.- Kornylak
1969-1971: Engr.- Lodge & Shipley
1968-1969: Engr.- ALCOA
1966-1968: Draftsman - Procter & Gamble
1963-1966: US Army 4the Armored Division - Germany
1958-1963: Paper Route, Dish Washer, Machinist, Amusement Park Attendant, Lawn Mower


    AS: Mech Eng - Ohio College of Applied Science (University of Cincinnati) - 1968
    BS: Mfg Eng - Miami University - Ohio -1974
    MS: Org Dev'l - Bowling Green State Unversity - Ohio - 1990

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My background is Engineering, Manufacturing and Organization Development.

    I have found as Mike Hammer said, "The soft stuff is the hard stuff".  In other words, designing products and how to make them is much easier and straight forward than designing organizations and helping the people within them learn how to work together and function harmoniously and effectively.

    There is the rub....to teach organizations how to achieve designing and manufacturing products while their employees work together effectively and harmoniously.

Personal Interests

    I am an avid motorcyclist - not a "biker" a pretend drugstore cowboy - but a true motorcyclist.

    I have raced and competed in every type of motorcycle competition since the early 1960's even to this day in my late 60's.  I do my own wrenching and have torn-down engines, transmissions, and whole bikes and have put them back together......even surprising myself!

    I also am passionate about helping others any way I can while I am still on this planet.  I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and do my best to make Him and his Dad proud of me.  When I am helping others, I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to always do the right things for them, me, and Him.


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