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Arijit Chaudhuri

Honorary Visiting Professor
Applied Statistics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

Dr. ARIJIT CHAUDHURI is an Honorary Visiting Professor in Applied Statistics Unit of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). He has been publishing in peer-reviewed journals since 1968 till date on Survey Sampling. He is an author/co-author of about 125 research papers and so far 8 monographs & Text Books on Sampling including “Modern Survey Sampling” published in June, 2014 by CRC Press, USA.

Subjects: Statistics


Professional Experience:
(i) Professor, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) during 1.1.1982 through 31.8.2002
(ii) CSIR Emeritus Scientist during 1.9.2002 through 31.8.2005
(iii) Associate Professor, ISI during 1.3.1977 -- 31.12.1981 and earlier lecturer in Statistics in Calcutta University, Presidency College, St. Xavier’s College, Asutosh College starting on 1.2.1962 and ending on 31.2.1977.
(iv) Visiting Professor in
     (1) Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University (August, 1989 – May, 1990),
     (2) Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln (January – May, 1997),
     (3) University of Delft, the Netherlands (June – August, 1985)
(v) Visiting Scientist in Mannheim Univ., Utrecht Univ., Univ. of Cyprus, Univ. Havana (Cuba), Central Stat. Office in Jerusalem, Lund (Sweden)
(vi) Visited with academic assignments in Univ. and Stat. Offices in Ottawa, Durban, Istanbul, Waterloo among others, including Southampton University, England and Chiba University, Japan.
(vii) Successfully guided 10 Ph.D. students.

Monographs/Text Books:
(i) “Indirect Questioning in Sample Surveys” jointly with T.C. Christofides (Springer-Verlag, 2013)
(ii) “Developing small domain Statistics – Modelling in Survey Sampling” (e-Book, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2012)
(iii) “Randomized Response and Indirect Questioning Techniques in Surveys” (Chapman & Hall, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, US, 2011)
(iv) “Essentials of Survey Sampling” (Prentice Hall of India, Delhi, 2010, 2nd Print in 2013), a second edition has been commissioned,
(v) & (vi) “Survey Sampling and Methods” jointly with H. Stenger (1st edition by Marcel Dekker, 1992, 2nd revised edition, 2005 by CRC Press, Boca Raton, US)
(vii) “Randomized Response: Theory & Methods” jointly with Rahul Mukherjee (Marcel Dekker, 1988)
(viii) “Unified Theory and Strategies of Survey Sampling”, jointly with late JWE. Vos (North-Holland, 1988)
(ix) “Network and Adaptive Sampling” (Accepted for Publication by Science Publishers)

Research Articles:
About 125 in Indian and mostly foreign journals, quite a few jointly with colleagues and Ph.D. students including the following 5 recent ones:
(i) “Panel Rotation with General Sampling Schemes” (the proof-corrected ms in Press, Jour. Ind. Soc. Agri-Stat., 2013)
(ii) “A property of D.B. Lahiri’s sampling scheme” Cal. Stat. Assoc. Bull. 63, 2011, 217-222
(iii) “Unbiased estimation of a sensitive proportion in General sampling by three non-randomized response schemes”, Jour. Stat. Theo. Prac. 2012, 6.2, 376-381
(iv) “Estimation of a sensitive proportion by Warner’s randomized response data through inverse sampling” jointly with Bose, Mausumi and Dihidar, Kajal, Stat. Papers (2011, 52, 343-354)
(v) “Protection of privacy in efficient application of randomized response techniques” jointly with Christofides, T.C. and Saha, A. (Stat. Math. Appl. 2009, 18, 389-418)

Editorial Assignments:
Served for various lengths of time as
(i) Editor, Cal. Stat. Assoc. Bull. Alone and also later with 2 colleagues
(ii) Co-Editor, Sankhya Ser C. & later Sankhya Ser B
(iii) Assoc. Editor, Jour. Stat. Plan & Inf.

1. Served as a member, Gov. Council NSSO and also in various committees formed by the Govt. of India and as the chairman, Standing Tech. Comm. for improvement of Crop. Stat., Govt. of W. Bengal.
2. Founder chairman of “Advanced Survey Research Centre” (Website:, a registered (15 June, 2004) Govt. of W.B. society.
3. Served as the President, Section of Statistics, Indian Science Congress Association in 1999-2000 with the session in Pune.
4. Served as a Member, Planning Board, Govt. of W.B. during 2010-2011.


    He obtained his Ph. D. degree in Statistics from Calcutta University in 1972 and earned his 2-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from University of Sydney, Australia.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Survey Sampling


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