Neal Sheldon Salisbury Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Neal Sheldon Salisbury

Executive Private Chef

A Classically trained chef, Neal Sheldon Salisbury has been serving the power elite for over 15 years. Celebrities such as Martha Stewart and P-Diddy, Royalty and over 20 of the worlds billionaires have lived, traveled, dined or vacationed with Chef Neal in their inner circles. Neal will take you on a Wonka-level journey into this rarefied life.


From cooking for Martha Stewart to over 20 of the worlds most reclusive billionaires, Chef Neal Sheldon Salisbury has been serving the power elite for over 15 years. Neal is a classically trained chef who began his training at 16 before heading to Hyde Park NY to study at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in the 1980s. He grew up in outside of Boston and spent several years in the hotels and restaurants of the Northeast before accepting a job in the US Virgin Islands. It was there that he was discovered by a yacht crew agent who made an offer he could not refuse. subsequently, Neal has spent the majority of his career as a freelance Private Superyacht Chef specializing in large and/or difficult programs. Salisbury would fly anywhere in the world on a moments notice and change languages, currencies and modes of transport, often on a daily basis. He would also work at some of the worlds most fantastic estates and private islands as well as handle catering for the owner's jets. A rarefied existence for a chef, Newport Life magazine once dubbed him "The James Bond of Cooking". Neal will take you on a most honest journey deep inside this ultra private world and show you what it gives and takes to be an Artist with a Benefactor in the private culinary world at the billionaire level.

Personal Interests

    Neal is a musician (Singer,Guitar and Bass), an accomplished sailor and is a well known Newport RI based Artist who works in field of fine Art photography (Neal Sheldon Salisbury Fine Art Photography/The Ghosts of Newport).
    When Neal is not working, he enjoys boating, riding motorcycles and dinning out.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - The Billionaire's Chef - 1st Edition book cover