Stephen  Burgess Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stephen Burgess

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Cambridge

Stephen Burgess obtained his BA and MMath (Part III) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He studied for a PhD in the MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge from 2008-11 working on methods for Mendelian randomization analysis. He joined the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit of the University of Cambridge in 2011, where he currently works developing methods for instrumental variables analysis and coordinating applied Mendelian randomization research into risk factors.

Subjects: Medicine, Statistics

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Stephen's main area of research is causal inference and specifically methods for Mendelian randomization. This has so far incorporated work on meta-analysis, evidence synthesis, and missing data. He has a specific involvement in problems of inference with weak instruments. He currently holds a Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship from the Wellcome Trust looking at causal inference in large datasets.



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