Richard R. Brooks Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Richard R. Brooks

Clemson University

Dr. Brooks has been PI on research programs funded by Air Force Office of Scientific Research, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Institute of Standards, Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, State Department and BMW Corporation. Research includes: experimental analysis of security problems, game theory for analyzing security, side-channel analysis, and monitoring for tunneled communications.



Dr. Brooks has in the past been PI on research programs funded by the
Air Force Office of Scientific Research, National Science Foundation,
Department of Energy, National Institute of Standards, Army Research
Office, Office of Naval Research and BMW Corporation. These research
projects include coordination of combat missions among autonomous
combat vehicles (ARO), situation and threat assessment for combat
command and control (ONR), detection of protocol tunneling through
encrypted channels (AFOSR), security of intellignet building
technologies (NIST), experimental analysis of Denial of Service
vulnerabilities (NSF), mobile code security (ONR), and security
analysis of cellular networks used for vehicle remote diagnostics

Dr. Brooks’ current research interests include game theory, strategic
reasoning, and information assurance.  He was PI of the Mobile
Ubiquitous Security Environment (MUSE) Project sponsored by ONR as a
Critical Infrastructure Protection University Research Initiative
(CIP/URI). It concentrated on creating distributed countermeasures to
overcome large-scale network attacks like distributed denial of
service and worms. Dr. Brooks was co-PI of a NIST project defining the
security standards and protection profiles for the ISO BACNET
networked building control systems standard. Dr. Brooks was co-PI of a
DARPA ISO program coordinating air campaign command and control and PI
of the Reactive Sensor Networks (RSN) Project sponsored by DARPA
IXO. RSN explored collaborative signal processing to aggregate
information moving through the network, and the use of mobile code for
coordination among intelligent sensor nodes. He has received DURIP
awards from ONR and ARO that support the study of networked systems
interacting with the real world. Current projects include
authentication and authorization of exa-scale computing systems and
establishing Internet freedom in West Africa.  His Ph. D. dissertation
received an exemplary achievement certificate from the Louisiana State
University graduate school. He has a B.A. from The Johns Hopkins
University in Mathematical Sciences.


Dr. Brook's research concentrates on information assurance,
battlespace coordination, behavior pattern extraction/detection and
game theory. His battlespace coordination work has been funded by
DARPA (distributed coordination of air combat campaigns), ARO (game
theoretic coordination of combat missions for teams of autonomous
combat vehicles) and ONR (maritime domain awareness). Results from the
ONR work is being used by the Fleet and NATO for learning, tracking,
and predicting shipping patterns.

His network security research projects have included funding from NSF
(analyzing wired and wireless denial of service vulnerabilities), DoE
(authentication and authorization of exa-scale storage systems), BMW
Corporation (controlling dissemination of intellectual property), and
the US State Department (creating anonymous communications tools for
civil society groups). It frequently looks at attacks that disable
security measures by working at a different level of the protocol
stack. His Internet freedom work involves interactions with at risk
populations working for freedom of expression.


    Ph.D. Computer Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 1993
    B.A. Mathematical Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1979

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Computer and network security, Internet Freedom, Sensor networks, Radiation Detection, Stochastic systems.


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