Gary W.  Don Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gary W. Don

Professor of Music Theory
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Gary W. Don is the coauthor and musical consultant for Mathematics and Music: Composition, Perception, and Performance, CRC Press, 2013. James S. Walker from the Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, is the lead author.

Subjects: Mathematics


Gary W. Don is a professor of music theory at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He teaches freshman and sophomore theory and aural skills, and upper-division theory courses. He also sponsors independent and collaborative student research projects. Dr. Don holds a doctorate in music theory from the University of Washington, and taught theory and aural skills at Skidmore College in New York before joining the UWEC faculty. His research interests include Goethe’s influence on music theorists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, overtone structures in the music of Debussy, modality in the music of Prokofiev, and theory pedagogy. He has presented papers on these topics at the West Coast Conference of Theory and Analysis, Music Theory Midwest, the Great Lakes Chapter and national conferences of the College Music Society, and at national meetings of the Society for Music Theory. He has published articles in Computer Music Journal, In Theory Only, Perspectives of New Music, and Music Theory Spectrum, an essay in Analyzing the Music of Living Composers (and Others), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and is the coauthor of a textbook on mathematics and music with James S. Walker from the Department of Mathematics, UWEC.


    Doctor of Philosophy in Music Theory, University of Washington, 1991

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Mathematics and Music, the music of Claude Debussy, and the music of Sergei Prokofiev

Personal Interests

    Reading, recreational swimming and biking


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