Christopher Michael Smith Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Christopher Michael Smith

Academic Medical Illustrator
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Christopher Smith is currently the Academic Medical Illustrator at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He contributes to research and illustrations in a variety of biomedical fields. His main focus is on the evolutionary and developmental biology of vertebrate anatomy. Current projects deal with anatomical networks and modularity in birth defects, 3D modeling and animation of embryological development, and illustrations teaching surgical techniques for craniofacial abnormalities.


Christopher received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Salisbury University in 2011. After deciding to pursue medical illustration, he spent the following year honing his artistic skills at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, Maryland. In May 2014, Christopher graduated from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he studied 2D and 3D biomedical communication, ranging from black and white illustration to interactive 3D animation. He has received multiple awards for his illustrations, including grant funding for his thesis work and the 2014 Inez Demonet Scholarship. Currently, Christopher illustrates for several surgical textbooks while also pursuing a PhD in Anatomy, combining scientific visualization and research in craniofacial evolution and development.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Human and Comparative Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Developmental, Cellular, and Evolutionary Biology.

Personal Interests

    In addition to anatomical research and illustration, Christopher is an accomplished oil painter and enjoys painting portraits, still-lifes, and anything related to the human figure. In Washington, D.C., he also studies with the classical realist painter Robert Liberace, and plans to create art exhibits depicting the evolution of the human body through visual art. During his free time, Chris also enjoys playing guitar and swimming.



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