Kim Loren Robertson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kim Loren Robertson

Principle Engineer Configuration Management

Current projects include targeted to managing configurations seminars and training in configuration and data management solutions, Several book projects.


I have always been inquisitive and feel that mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. I really do not remember a time when I was not working with my hands or my mind. A child of the 1950's and the space age found me participating in science fairs and learning about our fragile relationship with the natural world.I have been fortunate to have spent much of my professional life working on programs that have advanced our understanding of this garden we inhabit.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    A unique synergistic blend of contracts, systems engineering, supply chain management, requirements development and management, proposal management, document management, and hardware configuration management flavored with corporate finance, ISO implementation, process management, logistics, knowledge management and balancing the ITS infrastructure with company and program needs. My expertise is tempered by having worked in these areas from the U. S. Government side as well as from the contractor and supply chain manager side.

Personal Interests

    I am interested in every aspect of the sciences and how things are created. I am a voracious reader of technical, scientific and science fiction as well as a great fan of J. R. R.Tolkien having read the hobbit and Trilogy in 4 days in 1965. I am also a lover of dogs. My favorite are mutts and wire haired wild boar dachshunds. I enjoy long backpacking trips with friends and family.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Configuration Management, Second Edition - 1st Edition book cover


CMTrends Issue 18_2014-12

Putting Data Hooks in the System: Supply Chain CM

Published: Dec 05, 2014 by CMTrends Issue 18_2014-12
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

Data while available may not always be accessible due to sequestering in an office rather than being made available to the enterprise at large. Other times a simple tweak to company policies and procedures can set the company on a course to turn a bad vendor survey into a positive one.

Embedded Magazine (UBM Tech)

Using requirements planning to collect, analyze, and meet product goals

Published: Oct 19, 2014 by Embedded Magazine (UBM Tech)
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

A requirement describes a portion of a feature or expected benefit and can originate from many sources. Before beginning development on a product it is important to have a clear understanding of the origins and objectives of the requirements process, not only generally, but in terms of a specific design effort.

CMTrends Issue 17_2014_06

Deja Vu: Recapture of Heritage Design Management CM

Published: Jun 16, 2014 by CMTrends Issue 17_2014_06
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

Your engineering design is lost on a delivered product with logistics support. Can additive manufacturing technologies help you recover?

CMTrends Issue 16_2014_03

Have I Told You About My 3 Shrimp?

Published: Mar 16, 2014 by CMTrends Issue 16_2014_03
Authors: Jon M. Quigley adn Kim L. Robertson

Balancing the IDMS systems with internal stakeholders needs CM. The article takes a closer look at IDMS infrastructure from a systems level view.

Product Design & Develpment (PD&D)

Printing of 3D Parts in Aerospace Applications

Published: Feb 04, 2014 by Product Design & Develpment (PD&D)
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

What remains is not so much a decision of if such 3D printing technology holds promise as one of how your product design and development teams can best benefit from it.

CMTrends Issue 15_2013_12

TIEMPO: Allocation, Verification, and Validation CM

Published: Dec 16, 2013 by CMTrends Issue 15_2013_12
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

Test, Inspection, Evaluation Master Plan - Organized. Describes the connection between configuration and development baselines and product verification in an iterative and incremental development methodology

CMTrends Issue 14_2013_09

Not all Parts are Equal: Item Identification CM

Published: Sep 23, 2013 by CMTrends Issue 14_2013_09
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

Parts variation and quality attributes that impact the design and what this means if you have undocumented changes to a configuration.

CMTrends Issue 13_2013_06

Game Changer: Product Lifecycle CM

Published: Jun 30, 2013 by CMTrends Issue 13_2013_06
Authors: Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson

Empowering CM to manage the configuration. Many organizations claim that their employees are the most important asset of the company, but do they really mean it?