Joe  Baker Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Joe Baker

Associate Professor
York University

I'm a sport scientist specializing in human skill acquisition and maintenance. I lead the Lifespan Health and Performance Laboratory at York University in Toronto, CANADA.


My research focuses on optiimal human development, primarily in two main areas.  The first is the development and maintenance of expert performance across the lifespan.  My previous research in this area has considered various psychosocial and genetic factors influencing skill development in athletes across a range of sports.  Currently, I am examining the development and maintenance of skilled sports performance in a range of team and individual sports.  These studies contribute to our understanding of how someone gets to, and stays at, the highest levels of performance.

The second area considers the psychosocial factors influencing involvement in physical activity throughout the lifespan.  In particular, I am trying to determine the role that societal stereotypes about growing older may play in promoting a disengagement from physical activity and sport involvement thereby perpetuating and accentuating the decline in physical and cognitive abilities we typically see as we grow older.  This research will add significantly to knowledge regarding the interaction between social environment, physical activity involvement and physical/emotional health.  



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