Christopher L Atkinson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Christopher L Atkinson

Assistant Professor
University of West Florida

Christopher L. Atkinson is Assistant Professor in the Public Administration program at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida, USA. He received his PhD from Florida Atlantic University, and BA and MPA degrees from George Washington University in Washington, DC. His research interests include public management and policy studies, public budgeting and procurement, regulation, and emergency management.


    PhD, Public Administration, Florida Atlantic University



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Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal

Public policy processes and the environment: implications for a sustainable futu

Published: Nov 04, 2014 by Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
Authors: Atkinson, CL
Subjects: Environment and Agriculture

The purpose of this paper is to explore the roots of environment policy through a review and application of policy literature, portraying a disjointed process worried with procedure over substance and too often removed from the reality of environment degradation and attainment of sustainability.

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

The 2011 flood in Minot (North Dakota, USA) and the role of faith-based and nonp

Published: Apr 22, 2014 by International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Authors: Atkinson, CL

The specific impact of community-based and faith-based groups on disaster response and recovery is a relatively recent complement to existing work on the role of these groups in public circles. This paper highlights the experience of the city of Minot, North Dakota, which suffered an immense flood in 2011, and the role of community-based and faith-based groups in supporting city׳s successful recovery effort.

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Hurricane Wilma and Long-Term Business Recovery in Disasters: The Role of Local

Published: Nov 08, 2013 by Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Authors: Atkinson, CL, & Sapat, AK

This article considers long-term business recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma in Palm Beach County, Florida, and seeks to discern the role and impact of county government operations on business recovery. This exploratory study shows that the accessibility and availability of contracting opportunities to the local business community in the hurricane’s aftermath, business vulnerability, and individual impacts from the disaster event can all affect business recovery.

Journal of Asian Public Policy

The foundation and development of environmental governance in Singapore

Published: Oct 16, 2013 by Journal of Asian Public Policy
Authors: Atkinson, CL
Subjects: Asian Studies, Environment and Agriculture

The framework of environmental protection in the Singapore experience has not been fully examined in the light of the nation’s growth and Confucian values. This article considers Singapore’s cultural background, highlighting its Confucianist system, and reviews its environmental policy development in the light of what is essentially a national-level application of the ethical–philosophical system.

Journal of Public Procurement

After Katrina: Comparisons of Post-Disaster Public Procurement Approaches and Ou

Published: Aug 01, 2012 by Journal of Public Procurement
Authors: Atkinson, CL & Sapat, AK

The purpose of this article is to examine the public procurement practices followed by local government officials in and around New Orleans within the context of Hurricane Katrina, and define impacts of disaster on procurement processes.