Arthur  Vincie Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Arthur Vincie

Writer, Director, Line Producer
Chaotic Sequence Inc.

Writer, director, and line producer. Writer/director of "Found In Time" (sci-fi feature) - winner of 6 festival awards, official selection at 24, and available now on Amazon. Line producer/UPM of 13 features and numerous other projects. Currently developing "Bitter Child" (supernatural thriller feature) and "The Spectral City" (horror/war tv series).

Subjects: Film and Video


Arthur has over 10 years of film and television production experience as a line producer, producer, and director. He recently wrote and directed the sci-fi feature "Found In Time," which was just picked up for distribution by Green Apple Entertainment.  It won the Best Feature award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, the Best Sci-Fi Feature awards at Shriekfest, ShockerFest, Phoenix Comic-Con and Intendence, and was an official selection at 24 festivals, including the Boston Sci-Fi, Nevermore, International Horror & Sci-Fi, Imagine Fantastic (Netherlands), Louisville International, and GenCon.

Focal Press just published his non-fiction book on preproduction, "Preparing For Takeoff: Preproduction for the Independent Filmmaker."  He's written filmmaking articles for several online and print publications, including "MovieMaker," "Indie Slate," ProVideo Coalition, and Mixform.

He's currently developing an indie supernatural thriller, "Bitter Child," and a supernatural/war tv series, "The Spectral City."

"Caleb's Door," his first feature, is available on DVD and VOD.  Arthur's shorts "The Prayer Tree," "Matter," "Mornir/Mornen" and "Secret Language" have screened at various festivals and art venues, in New York, Texas, LA, and in Europe.

Arthur is the founder of Chaotic Sequence Inc., which focuses on production, consultation, and film education.  To date the company has production managed several shorts, seminars, and other projects, as well as "Found In Time."

Arthur has also line produced or production managed several features, including "Helena From The Wedding;" "Goodbye Baby;" "Windows;" "Rock the Paint;" "The Toe Tactic;" "Racing Daylight," starring David Strathairn and Melissa Leo; "Company K;" and "The Reawakening."  These films have screened at the Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, Tribeca, Nantucket, Rome, Woodstock, and other film festivals, and have gone on to theatrical, DVD and cable distribution.  Arthur has also line produced second-unit shoots, industrials, music videos, and shorts.

Arthur has also worked in just about every department, for ABC, NBC, BBC America, MSNBC, the Knitting Factory, Nickelodeon, and various independent production companies.

Arthur has guest lectured at New York University, the School of Visual Arts, CUNY/Hunter College, University of Advancing Technology, Brooklyn College, and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He currently teaches film production management at Montclair State University.  He holds a B.F.A. in Film/Television Production from NYU.


    NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, Undergraduate Film & TV

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Writing, directing, producing.  Have also worked in other positions throughout a 20+ year career (post supervisor, payroll accountant, 1st AD, production sound mixer, boom op, electrician, editor).  General familiarity with the film and tv industry.

Personal Interests

    Writing, reading, sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, programming, coding, travel, science (particularly nuclear and cell biology), history



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Preparing For Takeoff - 1st Edition book cover


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Your crew needs prep and wrap time. But how much? Which departments need more time? How do you do this on a low budget? This article will step you through the world of crew prep.

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World Building on a Budget: Techniques for Indie Sci-Fi Filmmakers

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