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Dr. Patrick Blessinger

Executive Director
HETL Associatioon

Patrick Blessinger is an adjunct professor of education at St. John's University, a STEM educator with the New York State Education Department, and founder and chief research scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (in consultative status with the United Nations). Dr. Blessinger is the editor and author of many books and articles and he is a contributing writer and analyst for several global educational news outlets such as The Hechinger Report and Unive


Dr. Patrick Blessinger is the founder, executive director, and chief research scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL), where he leads a vigorous research and publishing program in education. Dr. Blessinger is​ ​also a​ ​ ​policy analyst and contributing writer with the Scholars Strategy Network and​ ​an adjunct associate professor of education at St. John's University​ ​in New York City.​ ​Dr. Blessinger is an adviser to leaders in education and the non-profit sectors on a wide range of issues affecting K-12 and higher education.  
During his academic career, Dr. Blessinger has taught over one hundred undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of global studies, leadership, education, and research methods, and he has held various​ ​leadership positions in​ ​the education,​ ​business, and non-profit sectors.​ ​Dr. Blessinger has received several educational awards, including​ ​being selected as a​ ​Fulbright Senior Scholar to Denmark and​ ​a​ ​Governor’s Teaching Fellow for the State of Georgia, USA.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dr. Blessinger is known internationally for his academic innovations, international outreach, and learning community development. Dr. Blessinger is an internationally recognized scholar and leader in the democratization of higher education, a pioneer in the use of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborative research, and a pioneer in the application of professional social networking platforms to develop global online ​learning communities.  Dr. Blessinger has​ ​edited and authored many publications and he has​ ​made significant contributions in​ ​educational theory​ ​and​ ​policy. He is a contributing writer for various higher education news outlets such as The Guardian, The Chronicle, University World News, ​the​ ​Scholars Strategy Network, and The Hechinger Report.​ ​Dr. Blessinger is ​the ​editor-in-chief of two international academic journals​ and​​ ​two international book series that cover a wide range of higher education topics​.​



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