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Janis Lander

artist, author, lecturer

Janis Lander writes and lectures in contemporary spiritual systems and art related to protocols of spiritual practices. She defines "the spiritual" within a theoretical framework of energy and consciousness, focusing on ontology and aesthetics. She completed her PhD in Art Education at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. She is a sessional lecturer at CCE Sydney University. She is a professional artist.


I  specialise in the theory and practices of spiritual systems. The idea that ‘the spirit’ comprises a discreet and subtle structure of energy and consciousness within the human energy complex, suggests that ‘the spirit’ is present in all human beings as an energetic structure, and as a state of consciousness. This theory reinforces a contemporary presentation of spirituality as a unifying characteristic of our species, with culturally specific expressions, rather than a divisive aspect. This theory also suggests that through strategic  practices we can develop this layer of our consciousness.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    As an artist I work in oil, pastels, and intaglio etching and printmaking techniques. Subjects include landscapes, portraits and other figurative works. My meditation pieces reflect a life-long involvement with yoga. My work can be found in Australia, the US and Europe. My teaching career spans 25 years as a literature tutor, publications editor and published author. I have collaborated on all kinds of creative writing, including film scripts, art catalogues and books. I edit academic papers.



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