William  Bolton Author of Evaluating Organization Development

William Bolton


I have been retired for many years from active participation in education, now my only activity in that area is that of producing new editions of my many textbooks.


Following graduation I spent a year at a German University before starting work in the aircraft industry. Following some years in industry I moved into academia and became a senior lecturer at a College of Technology. I left the college to work on the Nuffield Advanced Physics team developing a new A-Level in Physics. Following that I became an adviser on the British Government Aid project in Brazil on technical education, then a UNESCO consultant in Argentina and Thailand before joining the newly formed Technician Education Council and eventually becoming Head of Research and Development at the Business and Technician Education Council. I am now retired. I have written many engineering textbooks, including Mechatronics 4th ed. Mechanical Science 3rd ed. Instrumentation and Control 2nd ed.



Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Predominantly technician education

Personal Interests

    Family History research


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