Mark Fenton-O'Creevy is an educator, researcher and consultant with three current primary areas of interest.

1) He has a long standing interest in the work, behaviour and performance of professional traders. and the role of emotion in financial decision-making for traders and investors.

2) He studies the ways in which business and management practices develop and are transformed or corrupted within businesses and organisations. Particular interests include the transfer of HR practices between different national settings and the professional practices of traders in investment banks.

3) He has a profound interest in the relationship between formal and informal learning. He spent five years running a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning the Centre for Practice-Based Professional Learning ( His book on "Learning in Landscapes of Practice" with Etienne Wenger-Trayner, Beverly Wenger-Trayner, Chris Kubiak and Steve Hutchinson, builds on Etienne's prior work on communities of practice and the work of the OU centre for Practice-Based Professional Learning. He codirects the AACSB Seminar on "Strategies for Delivering Online/Hybrid Courses & Degree Programs Seminar "

He acts as a consultant to a range of organisations with a particular focus on change management and international HR management and on supporting and improving decision-making processes.

He has acted as an academic advisor to BBC programmes: The Money Programme; documentary series 'Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS'; 'The Love of Money'; Escape from the Boardroom; and (with Adrian Furnham) created the 'Big Money Test for the BBC's LabUK and the Watchdog programme.

Specialties: Practice-Based Learning, Pedagogy, Distance Learning, Educational development, International Management, International HR, Financial Trading, Investment Psychology, Managment of Change
PhD Organisational Behaviour, London Business School, 1996
MBA, London Business School, 1990
PGCE, UCNW, Bangor, 1980
BA Pure Maths, Warwick, 1979
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Practice-Based Learning
The Psychology of Financial Behaviour
Management in Multinational firms