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Jay Levy

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Dr Jay Levy’s research interests include the outcomes of sex work and drug legislation and discourse; feminist, gender, and queer-theory; and harm reduction, HIV/AIDS, STI, and blood-borne infection policy and law. He completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, for which he conducted fieldwork in Sweden on the outcomes Swedish sex work abolitionism and drug prohibitionism. In 2014, he published a monograph with Routledge. He is the Policy and Advocacy officer at an NGO in in London.


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 Featured Title - Criminalising the Purchase of Sex - 1st Edition book cover


Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sweden's abolitionist discourse and law

Published: Mar 12, 2015 by Criminology and Criminal Justice
Authors: Jay Levy and Pye Jakobsson

The Swedish criminalization of the purchase of sex aims to abolish prostitution through targeting the demand, while decriminalizing those selling sex in an ostensible effort to protect sex workers – constructed as passive victims of gendered violence – from criminalization. Drawing from authors’ research and that of others, this article discusses the sex purchase law (sexköpslagen), exploring some of its impacts on the lives of sex workers and the dynamics of Swedish prostitution.


Swedish Abolitionism as Violence Against Women

Published: Mar 12, 2015 by SWOU
Authors: Jay Levy

This paper provides a brief overview of selected elements of my PhD research, which explored the outcomes of Sweden’s criminalisation of the purchase of sex, as well as Sweden’s criminalisation of the use of drugs; here, I focus solely on the former law. This paper was presented at the SWOU Sex Workers’ Rights Festival in Glasgow, 2013, and an earlier version of this paper was presented in Kansalaisinfo, Little Parliament, Parliament of Finland, Helsinki, in 2012.

INPUD and Youth Rise

The Harms of Drug Use: Criminalisation, Misinformation, and Stigma

Published: Mar 12, 2015 by INPUD and Youth Rise
Authors: Jay Levy

Where harms that may surround illicit drug use are numerous, it is laws and policies, along with their justificatory social constructions and stigmas, that are responsible for driving and worsening many of these avoidable harms


Interview - the outcomes of the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in Sweden

Published: Sep 01, 2015